London Olympics 2012 – World Peace at last?

24 08 2008

‘ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM’ has been successfully achieved in the recently concluded Beijing Olympics ’08… and London Olympics 2012, here we come!

The Chinese supremacy in sports by winning a total of 100 medals (of which more than half are in Gold) has also been boosted by the unmatched and most spectacular of Official Opening and Closing ceremonies in Olympics history. And the winners are the people of China from its powerful Supreme Committee down to the lowly peasants throughout the vast country, rich in ancient history.

The most obvious champions of the olympics games, apart from all the medal winners, are of course sports and peace lovers from around the globe who had thronged the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing and all other olympics games venues throughout China for the last 16 days. TV viewers globally have played their peaceful parts by sitting it out in front of their TV screens 24/7 for more than two weeks according to their waking time zones. One world, one dream it has been, indeed.

Britain’s former Olympics champion, Sebastian Coe, is now being faced with the most daunting task to spearhead the British Olympics organising committee in equalling the amazing feat of Beijing Olympic Games ’08 organisers when the world’s most metropolitan of cities, London, will host the Olympics in four years’ time. Peace, Love and Kindness will be in the misty London air soon enough! I shall try my personal best to bring my whole family to London to witness it all (God willing).





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