“Sepasang Kurung Biru”

19 10 2008

I have failed miserably in my endeavour to seek forgiveness from all close relatives, friends and colleagues during this year’s Hari Raya festivity (still 10 more days to go before the month of Syawal ends, though).

The heavier side of Raya-go-rounds and eat-till-you-drop Open Houses took its toll on me last week when my blood pressure shot up, followed by flu and fever and now my incessant coughs have been keeping me wide awake for the past few nights! 😦  Ah well, illnesses can be tests from the Almighty as one of God’s mysterious ways to cleanse anyone of His creature’s sins… Ameen! 🙂

The lighter side of Aidil Fitri was listening to Malay Hari Raya songs! 😉 Days before the Eid Mubarak, my younger colleagues in the office had been dishing out evergreen Hari Raya tunes from S. Jibeng’s oldest hit, “Musafir di Hari Raya” to the late Sudirman’s “Balik Kampung” and Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s “Dendang Perantau”, etc. But one really touching song that caught my ears was called, “Sepasang Kurung Biru” (or literally – “A pair of blue dress”). I know the title of the song has no direct connotation to Hari Raya but the sombre music and meaningful lyrics had me flabbergasted in the sense that how could I have not known about this great tune all these years? I hadn’t a clue as to who was the actual singer/songwriter…

Until I spent one of my sickening and laziest Sundays yesterday and watched Astro Prima around 10 in the morning. Lo and behold! One of the Malay entertainer-Divas, my all-time favorite Anita Sarawak, hosted her own show called “Kwek Mambo Anita Sarawak Raya Special”. And guess what? One of her Guest Artistes was the composer, song-writer and singer of that ‘killing me softly’ song, “Sepasang Kurung Biru”.

His name is Professor Madya (Associate Prof) Khairil Johari Johar, a young music lecturer in one of the Malaysian universities. I was indeed very glad to have watched that TV program yesterday. When interviewed by Anita, the singing lecturer related how the inspiration for him to compose that song came about early dawn after “Sahur” one fine day during the Fasting month of 1986. The lyrics had been created by Hafsah Hassan who is one of the most prolific and creative song lyricists in Malaysia with hundreds of songs under her belt and many years of experience behind her. In my honest opinion, it wasn’t just any Hari Raya song but  Khairil’s inspiration may have come from the Angels of the morning, one never can tell, right? 🙂

Whatever it is, this touchy-mushy number does give me goosebumps (not in a scary way but spiritually or much closer to the heart thingy)… 😉

~~~“Tiada salam atau ucapan
Tiada pesan tanda ingatan
Suasana penuh keriangan
Ku teringat pada seseorang

Di hari yang berbahgia ini
Hatiku kosong dan sepi sekali
Betapa manis kenangi lalu
Menyambut raya bersama denganku

( korus )
Tiada bisikan lembut yang ku dengar
Hanya suara azan sayup bergema
Masih kurasakan hangat tanganmu
Di pagi raya bersalam dengan ku

Tetamu datang tetamu pergi
Namun tak tiba orang ku nanti
Hanya sepasang kurung nan biru
Menjadi teman mengubat rindu ku

( ulang korus )~~~~

http://video.filestube.com/video,30168e54b394451803ea.html (www.youtube.com)





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