Time does fly… but in which direction?

20 10 2008

TIME FLIES! In a couple of months, January 2009 will say goodbye to December 2008

In my honest opinion (IMHO), time is created to be the guiding factor in worldly life

IMHO, time has no sense of direction and neither does it know where to go

IMHO, time stands still but it moves itself in parallel along with the sun

IMHO, time is just that – only time to tell when will one really die?

In a nano, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries

In one century, so many wars have broken out but no one knows who had won

In one decade, millions of humans have been born into this universal world

In one year, so many things have been happening for better or for worse

In one month, there are 31 days or less of unachievable objectives

In one week, there are seven days but only five days of working

In one day, how many times do humans really pray to God?

In one hour, there is only so much that can be achieved

In one minute, 60 seconds of fun come and go

In one second, worries keep on adding up

In a nano, life can be replaced by death

The direction to death is inevitably clear and time knows not when

When the Angel of Death comes no one can be ready for it

Not me, not you, not those people who have died before

Death comes when one least expected it to come by

That is how time and death co-exists in spirit

The soul takes off and goes into thin air

Spirit and soul cry without tears shed

The spirit stays put in one direction

The soul departs for its destination.





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