Poetry @ 10

29 10 2008

KIDS DO tend to outgrow us the older generation nowadays. They simply grow up too fast, I think. Take my 10-year old daughter for instance, who is getting taller than her age — a tennis player, ballerina, swimmer and pianist-extraordinaire all rolled into one.

And lately she seems to have a knack for poetry. When I was her age, I was just starting to learn the most basic English phrases: “My name is Peace.”; “Her name is Love.”; “His name is Kindness.”; “How are you?”; “Good morning!”; “Good afternoon!”; “Good Evening!”; “I am fine, thank you.”

My little princess Ballerina who’s now in Primary Four has already penned her poetry in motion below:

“My Own Poem — Colours

Red is the colour of anger

welling up inside of me.

Orange is the colour of fun,

and all my happy energy.

Yellow is the colour of the sun,

which makes me feel happy and warm.

Green is the colour of giggles, laughs and life.

Exciting and dangerous.

Blue is the colour of calm and cool,

like wading gently in a swimming pool.

Purple is the colour of creative ideas,

crayons, paint and pencils.

Pink is the colour of love, kisses and hopeful wishes.

Although black lacks the brightness of other colours,

it gives you a sense of mystery.

Colours describe how we feel everyday and

it expresses what we feel inside.”

Like father, like daughter? 😉  I don’t know much about my poetic skills but at this budding age, my growing up baby girl may just one day be Brunei’s answer to Emily Dickinson, Emily Bronte of old or new age poet Maya Angelou, to name but a few. Maybe, just maybe her affinity for English runs in the family. Her elder brother has been scoring High Distinctions in ICAS (Australian) English competitions for many consecutive years while my daughter scored her second consecutive Distinction in International Australian English Test this year.

Unlike her eldest and only brother who still hasn’t really made up his mind about his ambition, my lovely daughter has all along always wanted to become a doctor. So I told her it’s a great noble profession but in order to take up a degree in medicine, she has to study all the much harder… 🙂

I’d be a damned idiotic dad not to be proud of my only God-given ‘wealth and fortune’ I possess now i.e. my son and daughter. They may still have a real long way to go before they could reach the ‘Ivory Tower’ in their academic pursuits, it is good for me to know that my bright kids with a bright future are much smarter than their poor old man who was a total failure, academically… 😦 





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16 11 2008

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thank you for visiting me….

i’ll pop by again soon!


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