Adam, Eve and the Forbidden Fruit…

11 12 2008

I am trying too hard to figure out the real story (told or untold) of how Prophet Adam (Nabi Adam Alaihi Salam) had been created by the Almighty God and how Eve had been created to provide the loneliest soul a companion of the opposite gender… And how Eve had also caused misery to Adam for disobeying the Creator’s command not to eat the Forbidden Fruit in the Heavenly Paradise which had resulted in both Adam and Eve expelled from the Heavens and had been downgraded to a lowly place on Earth (somewhere out of Africa? or the Middle East?!).

All I could recall now was the fact that Prophet Adam (Peace be on him) had been created from clay soil in Heaven and was the first human being to be given the breath of life! Then the Most Understanding Lord of the Universe had created the first woman, Eve, who had been created from the ribs of Adam. But not long after, Eve had been uncontrollably craving for the “Khuldi” fruit that had been forbidden for both Man and Wife from eating that Forbidden Fruit… ?

I may have to do some more thorough research on this Heavenly Story to get to the root of Modern Day World’s problem of a phenomenal rise in divorce rates (if ever there is any link at all to the cause and effect of failed marriages, that is). So the big question mark: Are Marriages Made in Heaven? The truth of the matter remains: A split between married couples or divorce is the one “Halal” thing that is “Most Despised and Hated” by the Lord Almighty… 😦





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