Tests of life to taste Heavenly Life after death

16 01 2009

EACH of us human species go through life in never-ending tests of misfortunes and unhappiness.

But most have to endure atrocities like what hit the Palestinians on New Year’s Day. The unlucky Arabs from the Palestine have been suffering long enough to accept their misfortunes as severe tests in their lives. They live day by day to fight for their causes and they just kept at it for decades on end, even knowing they are always at the losing end. Jewish arrogance reigns supreme in the Middle East conflict. Fully-backed by their American Big Brother,  their arms caches are limitless!

Personally, I haven’t been following closely the news about this latest Zionist cruelty on innocent and helpless Palestinian women and children who had been caught in the middle of the Israeli senseless bombings on the Gaza Strip. Only last week I managed to browse on the Net a very telling picture of a Palestinian woman and her young kid with blood gushing on their forlorn-looking faces… I was so deeply moved by that photograph.

The image had been stuck on my mind until a few days later, for no reason, I cried tears when the Mother and Child picture flashed back to me. I was having my breakfast of chicken rice porridge when suddenly I thought to myself that here I was wallowing in self-pitiness but hundreds more of my Muslim Brotherhood in the Palestine are suffering much more worse fate in greater pains! 😦 And I told myself, my mental torture I am going through right now is too menial and miniscule to compare with the terrible psychological and physical anguish being faced by the Palestinian and Iraqi civilians per se. The whole Palestinian conflict needs to be looked at from all angles rationally.

It did cross my mind to protest to both the US Embassy in Brunei and the Israeli Embassy in Singapore — but who am I to do  so when I am merely a small fish trying desperately to hold on to my last breath of oxygen, so to speak. Perhaps given my current hapless situation, I have nothing to lose if I were to subscribe to become a ‘suicide bomber’ or a guerrilla fighter for the HAMAS… Grrr!

Islamic Jihad against the Israeli Regime would only be labelled as ‘Acts of Terrorism’. So there goes any hope of lasting peace in the Gaza Strip. The volatile situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis are as worse as (or  much more worse even) than the unrest in Iraq between Foreign Occupying forces and Iraqi Shiite and Sunni Muslims in the war-ravaged nation. I can only pray and hope for the best things to come in the Middle East.

Some years back, I recall having met a Palestinian family whose sole bread-winner was offered a teaching position by the Ministry of Education. They were so overjoyed that they had come to Brunei Darussalam in which they had found the true meaning of peace, tranquility and prosperity.

On the other side of the fence, during my last trip to Japan in 1995, I happened to bump into a 20-plus young Israeli Jew who had always been a  strong proponent of a peaceful solution to the Palestinian issue. In a nutshell, ordinary folks from both sides of the divided holy land do share similar desires for the penultimate LASTING PEACE! After all, they are only human…

So that does make you wonder what type of political manouverings, political motives and political manipulations the Israeli Regime’s policy and key decision makers are playing now? Are the Jewish power brokers hinting at newly-elected US President Barack Obama about a lesson in toeing the Israeli line? Is it to provoke for another war in the hope that big time weapons trading by US and Israeli firms could stimulate the already weakening world economy due to recent financial crises?

Whatever the case may be — PLEASE GIVE PEACE, LOVE and KINDNESS a CHANCE! 🙂





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