Guess who wrote this on 27 January 2009 in his blog?

29 01 2009

I don’t have enough time right now to translate this posting below in Malay by one of Southeast Asia’s controversial political figures of all time. But I simply couldn’t agree more with what he has summarised:

“Di antara lain saya tegaskan kepentingan memperkasa iltizam bersama menegakkan Islam serta peningkatan kefahaman, termasuk isu urutan keutamaan (fiqh awlawiyyat) saperti yang digariskan diantara lain oleh Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardawi.

Saya memperkuat hujah dengan menukil contoh dari buku beliau. Umpamanya keghairahan gulungan kaya menderma untuk memperbaiki masjid sedia ada tetapi enggan membantu umat yang tertindas di Bosnia atau Palestin. Begitu pula menurut Sheikh Yusuf, keasyikan mengulangi ibadah haji dan umrah tetapi bakhil untuk mendukung kegiatan daawah, pendidikan atau penterjemahan karya besar.

Turut saya tegaskan berkenaan keperluan memahami maksud atau tujuan utama Shariah (maqasid Shariah), dengan menukil hujah Imam al Ghazali dalam al-Mustasfa, As-Shatibi dalam al-Mawafaqat, serta kupasan Sheikh Yusuf dan Sheikh Taha Jabir Al-Elwani.

Rumusan maqasid mencakupi ikhtiar memelihara ad-Din, kebebasan keyakinan dan bersuara, pemeliharaan harta, nyawa dan maruah. Ulama malah menegaskan isu hurriyah (kebebasan), hak asasi dan hak wanita.”

One clue or hint I can give as to who could have been quoted above: His quest to become the next Prime Minister of a neighbouring ASEAN nation is now crystal clear… And he’s almost there  since the Opposition Front which he led in Parliament are slowly but surely garnering incremental support from the country’s multi-racial voters.😉




2 responses

8 02 2009

I have always admire this guy. He seems to have the right blend. And I was sure he was in the ‘right’ and that the former PM was in the ‘wrong’.

But I have now completely changed my view.

Few things that I notice that are not right. Firstly, when he delivers a speech, he always use the quotes of some mystical past Islamic scholars. And not many people could really understand what he was talking really. When he writes, he always concorted ideas straight from the books, which seems that he hasn’t got his own ideas and views. This is in stark contrast to his nemesis. Digging a bit deeper, what has he really achieve when he was a minister. His biggest achievement was probably in being able to split the Malay unity.

8 02 2009

Probably his dark days in prison must have some sort of effect on his mindset.

He is now struggling to keep his momentum going but given his dogged determination, he may just be able to make it through all his trials and tribulations which are getting harder and harder. He is now faced with much more complex issues and once he deals with all the complications, he will pull it off, I hope. That would be a miracle in any politician’s career, indeed.

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