Discovering Tekka…

7 02 2009

A COUPLE of weeks ago, I went to Miri for a quick errand. It was a Black Friday for residents of some old housing quarters across the road from the Grand Palace Hotel which were badly affected by a big landslide. A few of the wooden homes were completely flattened by the eroded hill which was caused by incessant heavy rains then.

I reached Miri around 6.00pm on that day. On bright sunny days, I would normally head for the beach stalls near the Marriot Hotel on the other side of Miri City since I’ve always enjoyed sipping coconut juice to quench my thirst, coupled with a small plate of Chinese-style Rojak to fulfil my craving for the rich paste gravy. The spectacular sunset at the Miri beach would almost always make it a picture-perfect dusk R & R or happy hour for me.

However, on my last trip to Miri, the dark, gloomy skies and non-stop rainfall made me decide to take a detour for some shopping in Bintang Plaza and Boulevard shopping centres. When I parked my car at the Boulevard, I could smell from afar the stinging aroma of the ‘King of Fruits’, my favourite Durian! Must be my lucky day, I thought to myself, because I didn’t know that the odour-rich fruit was still in season around this time of year.

Since I had an hour to kill before driving back to Brunei, I took my sweet time sampling the different species of the durian according to their code numbers like D24, D99, etc. I told the old Iban durian seller (who should be a genuine expert on the fruit) to just recommend me the best of the whole lot. And he pointed at the Tekka species, which he claimed to be of the highest pedigree.

I tried one there and then on the side street and indeed it was a first-class taste and texture. I ended buying three more at RM30 per kilogramme. I always hold to the adage: “Good things are not cheap, cheap things are not good!”. In all my life, I’ve eaten different varieties of durians before but this particular Durian Tekka is simply the YUMMIEST!;)





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