Legal eagles shine!

12 02 2009

I WAS in the Syariah Court last Monday and in the High Court briefly yesterday morning respectively. And I must say our duly appointed wise and learned  judges should be true ROLE MODELS for the youths of the nation today!

How each and every judge conducts himself/herself within his/her respective courts and professional circles as well as socially are what the younger generation should try to emulate these days.

Personally, I was pretty much impressed with the young Syariah Court judge who diligently presides over three to four cases almost every morning with full wisdom and impartiality. I was quite surprised to hear that the English words ‘Plaintiff’ and ‘Defendant’ are being borrowed in an Islamic court because all this while I thought the Syariah Court would be using the Arabic words if no Malay nouns could aptly describe the term or definition of each word. But the relatively new and spacious Syariah Court has that aura of comfort and calmness which augurs well for tension control and peace of mind for both plaintiffs and defendants alike. It does help a lot in the unbiased judgement of judges in meting out sentences! 😉

In the Civil High Court, it was a different sort of environment where the ambience is a bit more aloof, to say the least. The elite-looking lawyers in all-black suits and white shirts with stylish ties, worn in uniformity. Unless you happen to know any of the legal practitioners personally, then you’d almost always end up sulking in an alienation corner somewhere.

I felt a twinge of guilt-consciousness written all over my face when I rubbed shoulders with the most learned handful of top Bruneian judges in the corridor of their staid chambers. One of them even  extended his handshake as sincere gesture of friendship back in the good old schooldays and growing up soccer games! That was a true mark of a great Chief Justice of Brunei in the making… And the forever soft-spoken Dato Judge has always been fair in all his cases, I solemnly swear. At least he was much more rational and logical than all the private lawyers put together, I think.

Not to mention, the one and only Datin Judge whose highly-intellectual (as opposed to Marilyn Monroe-sensual) pouting smile would make any guilty party at ease. The present Chief Justice (with years of international jurisprudence experience behind his back) must have been a great team leader to them all his younger Bruneian charges! The lawyers, on the other hand, have a lot to learn from these learned and wise judges in terms of people-friendliness.

The coming legal year of Brunei Darussalam should turn out to be a great anticipation of only good things, legally-speaking… 🙂





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