~ Poetry in Motion ~

13 02 2009

(Feb 14, 2009, 2:28 am)


Becoming a night owl
Sleepy eyes wide awake
fingers walk the talk of thoughts
Angels and devils fight over a lone ranger
To make good or go evil
do it your way, make my day

Humanity needs my tender, loving care
Can I even take good care of my needs?
My own needs and want take a backseat!
Others above self is my motto in life before death
Till death do I sacrifice my life for human race’s sake
What’s the good of living if you can’t fulfil deeds of giving?
The “Ad-Deen” is my ultimate soul mate

(Feb 14, 2009, 7:02 pm)

One Love…

Love in all its mysteries
signifies mythical powers
ethos of heroism-eroticism
egos of feminism-masculinism
sentimental fools hunger for love
for all kinds of reasons
rightly or wrongly
they die for love

Two Loves…

how mystifying love is
to hypnotize their minds
love-sickness makes ’em blind
love is blinded by emotions
love triggers all neurons to slide
body chemistry begins to collide
impulses start rushing to the heart
heart beats stop and blood shoots up
nerves smell lusty taste of hormones
heavenly bodies caress to intertwine
cold sweats and heated libido combine
to make love endlessly oh so divine
lips embrace in passionate kisses
pantings, rantings and screamings
signal the embodiment of joy
satisfying the hearts’ desires
contentment in myriads of colours
wonderful feelings of exotic senses
sparkling like bursts of fireworks
under the spell of full moonlit night
love in all its glorious splendour
rancour like lightning and thunder
love is in the air and love is on fire!





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