Counting the Uncountables

17 02 2009

Blessings, blessings and more blessings
you just cannot count ’em all at once
they keep coming left, right and center
from high above and way down yonder

Celebrate, celebrate and more celebrations
New Year’s Day, 23rd February and July 15th
worldly remembrances, full of fond memories
moments of past, present and future glories

People, people and more people come and go
stuck in traffic snarls caused by individual ego
a young 25-year-old nation, so full of vibrance
energy plus optimism equals greater exuberance

A moment here, a moment there and moments gone!
can’t turn the clock back, forge ahead in unison
future awaits a world of brighter days to come
a new era, a new beginning and kingdom come!

My country, your country and our country
a nation of peace-loving nature and greenery
how blessed can one be? National pride is intact
Abode of peace, where stability is no fiction but fact

A life here, a life there and lives strewn everywhere
such is the state of the nation in the Middle-east
not a minute too soon, ethnic cleansing at its worst
A stark reality, surrounding Palestinians’ outburst!

Home is where the heart is, national prosperity lasts
Bruneians start to count their blessings still coming
from the Almighty — the Most Knowing and Giving
Silver Jubilee celebs ensure national flags flying

The youth of the nation as thrilled and excited
their promised land, forever safely well-guarded
now on their own, left to fend for themselves
no more spoon-fed culture, must roll up sleeves

The future generation remains as a pillar of strength
sustainable development is the top national priority
unemployment, substance abuse and promiscuity
are only three of the negative elements in society

Tough choices sooner or later have to be made
either we like it or not, sacrifices must be made
to protect national interests, freedom has its limits
there’s no room for complacency and total misfits!





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