Can same words come out from different strokes, different folks?

26 02 2009

Just wondering if cliches below could’ve been thought of by other minds at the same moment in time, in different places?

(Feb 24, 2009, 10:09 pm)

iNneR pEaCe

The calmness within your inner heart

The soothing charms of your smile

The longing arms of your lithe body

The sweetness of your silent mind

The subtlety of your talking head

The beauty of your soft-mannered moves

The softness of your feminine facial skin

The gentleness of your deep piercing eyes

The truthfulness of your honest-to-goodness self

The bountifulness of your heart-filled passionate warmth

The unforgettable, memorable, adorable moments of your endless love…

That is the inner peace within the very depths of your lovely heart, my love…

n.b. I’m not gay (thank God!) 😉





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