Love thy mother — I love Mama so very much!

21 03 2009

ONLY moments ago, I got tear jerks in my heart stumbling upon a Straits Times story about an insane 51-year-old mum who allegedly stabbed her 14-year-old daughter, Eunice, to death a couple of days ago in Singapore.

Last year, a Malaysian mother had been charged for the murder of her 5-year-old daughter. And last month, in Brunei Darussalam, a mother was charged by police to have pimped her two teenaged daughters to solicit money from sexual perverts.

There was this recent absurd case of a mother named Rosemarie (wife of “Austria’s Monster” Fritzl) who has not an inkling about how her crazy husband had been incestuously raping her daughter, Elisabeth, an estimated 3,000 times down below in their house cellar since she was 18. He has fathered seven children out of that incest (Elisabeth is now 42)!

There seems to be no end to such freaky cases globally. What’s happening to morality in the world we live in now?

Heaven lies under one’s mother’s sole of her foot… but when cruel mothers have no more care in the world for their own daughters, something’s wrong somewhere, somehow. Pure motherly values need to be inculcated!

The learning point for me in all these motherly failures is how an ungrateful son I’ve been all these years for the greatest and kindest love that my Mama has been showering on me and my other siblings throughout the decades. All the sufferings she has endured and sacrifices she has made for 50 years since my mother first gave birth to her first child in 1959. My late eldest brother had passed away when he was two years old due to illness.

But what unfortunate circumstances that some mothers had to resort to unthinkable and unimaginable acts of cruelty on their innocent offsprings, particularly their baby daughters they had laboured so hard to deliver into this temporary world..

Nauzubillahi minzalik… Astaghfirullah alAzhiim!



Techie-savvy techno-preneuer, any young Bruneian?!

19 03 2009

ABOVE URL is my personal challenge to a real gutsy ICT genius amongst Bruneian younger generation of the day!

Instead of coming up with silly video flicks which don’t look original at all, why can’t brainy, nerdy, geeky Bruneian lads be like this Korean-American guy, Jeff Han, who back in 2006 revolutionized the multi-touch screen technology?


And now Microsoft (with Bill Gates’ vision) has recently launched the ‘Surface’ tabletop PC — PURE MAGIC! One Korean business contact not too long ago did give me a real big K.O bang to my head when he said point blank: “You Bruneians are just users,” (meaning useless) “You only know how to use our (Korean) products but has any of your people ever invented or made any prototypes or done thorough research, etc?” *SPEECHLESS*#^^


Baa, Baa, LED sheep… LED there be lights!

18 03 2009

Ah well! I just simply paste the URL to find out for yourself and watch one of the most creative works of art. No wonder our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam (Peace be upon him) was a sheperd earlier on in the Messenger’s life… must’ve been an enjoyable experience to work with sheep formation! Sorry guys too lazy to upload!


I wasn’t around in 1929… but 8 decades on?

7 03 2009

THE ROARING 20’s in the Land of Dreams, America… Thousands of miles away across the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, the Abode of Peace was still a very backward Malay village community on stilts on the Brunei River.

Brunei then was a tiny patch of territorial anonymity amongst the most virgin jungle-covered land on the Borneo Island (said to be the third-largest island in the world). Of the few thousand inhabitants then, only a handful of Bruneians had the opportunity to get truly proper formal education. And even then the things they learned by rote on stone tablets were leaning more toward Islamic religious education rather than a secular one.

In 1929, the first oil for the country was struck by the then British Malayan Petroleum Company in Seria. The same year that the Great Depression set in over the horizon in the United States. That was one of the  gloomiest economic situations in the American history and also in the history of the rest of the world.

For an undeveloped economy like Brunei, 1929 marked the turning point in its history because of the discovery of the ‘black gold’ which would later shape the country into one of the richest oil and gas producers, many years and decades to come.

Now almost 80 years after Brunei had largely derived economic gains from its oil and natural gas production, a similar US recession is rearing its ugly head when some of its biggest financial firms are filing for bankruptcy. Its rippling effect has been spreading like wildfire all across the globe!

As a means of escaping from the harsh realities of the so-called global financial meltdown, most people would turn to the entertainment industry to lift up their de-motivated, hopeless spirits…

During the roaring ’20s and rolling ’30s, a God-given talented iconic legend by the name of Charlie Chaplin must have cheered up and made stressed and depressed world citizens then laugh and smile to a multitude of frenzy silent films of his slap-stick comedy trademark! Amongst Charlie Chaplin’s greatest movie-making and acting feats was his top box-office film, “Modern Times”, in which he composed this theme song with great lyrics to move the down-hearted to tears:

tho’ your heart is aching

even tho’ it’s breaking

when there are clouds in the sky

you’ll get by
if you
smile through your fear and sorrow

smile and maybe tomorrow

you’ll see the sun come shining thru for you.

Light up your face with gladness

hide ev’ry trace of sadness

altho’ a tear maybe ever so near

that’s the time you must keep on trying

what’s the use of crying

you’ll find that life is still worth while

if you’ll just smile.

Still, Brunei Darussalam and the Asian region were hardly affected by the 1929 economic debacle in the US. It was a great coincidence, though, that one of the legendary icons in the Malay film industry, the multi-talented Tan Sri P Ramlee was born on March 22, 1929.

Like Charlie Chaplin, P Ramlee was the most popular actor, director and songwriter to have made millions of his fans in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and even Indonesia laugh and cry with his unique, versatile and class-act performances on and off-screen. The late P Ramlee died on 29 May 1973 (when the oil boom reached its peak which had benefitted the Malay world economies since Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei were producers and exporters of the ‘black gold’).

I’m digressing from the 1929 US economy depression topic but the thing is how recession-proof is our national economy in Brunei Darussalam was what I should’ve asked rhetorically in view of the current global economic outlook? Will the recession pose little or no effect to our country’s economy? Maybe our oil and gas exports are not so badly affected, I guess…

2009 is now the year of the ‘Great Recession’ as opposed to the ‘Great Depression’ year of 1929.

Incidentally, my late father was also born in 1929. He did have a colourful life, albeit in poverty, but rich in his kindness toward his kindred. May Allah bless the souls of those who have passed away… Amin Ya Rabbal Alamien — AL-FATIHAH.




6 03 2009

My newest favorite crooner I’ve just discovered!

4 03 2009

Where was I in 2007?

How could I have missed this beautiful, wonderful, American Idol Champion’s golden voice?!

WOW, MAN! Jordin Sparks is my new favorite singer whom I only discovered on YouTube @ 3 this morning @ the crack of dawn! And girl, you made me cry with all your songs and which happen to be all my faves!

The one moment that touched my heart the most was when Ryan Seacrest announced JORDIN SPARKS as the 2007 American Idol winner and her singing, “This Is My Now!” WOW & WOW & WOW again, girl! You are simply awesome and you deserved your American Music Awards 2008 win, too JORDIN SPARKS! Go Jordin Go! Sing your heart out to the whole wild world out there! WHATTAGIRL!


In sombre, decisive but poetic mode

4 03 2009

Mar 5, 2009, 2:32 am

The Awakening Day of Reckoning!

~ I, I who have nothing — I, I who have no one — Adore you, and want you so~

My all time favorite opening lyrics of a Tom Jones’ evergreen hit tune

Suddenly rings a bell at the top of my head, thinking of the inevitable

The sudden urges and anxiety of getting it over and done with

As swift as the swing of a flying blackhawk gripping its prey

Gets the better of me in the most logical and sensible way

Today is the Day of the Reckoning and there’s no looking back!

I have to take charge and full control of the situation at hand

The Sign from The One above points to a single direction

The solution is to meet obstacles in a head-on collision

Either you hit and run or you get hit being on the run

The choice is crystal clear… I must push the button!

It’s not really a matter of life and death, but it’s urgent!

A matter of urgency has to be dealt with as quickly

As the urgency demands no methodology elegy

The simplest choice of words and truth suffice

Speak the truth and only the truth — it’s done!

A done deal is as good as it gets but better!