In sombre, decisive but poetic mode

4 03 2009

Mar 5, 2009, 2:32 am

The Awakening Day of Reckoning!

~ I, I who have nothing — I, I who have no one — Adore you, and want you so~

My all time favorite opening lyrics of a Tom Jones’ evergreen hit tune

Suddenly rings a bell at the top of my head, thinking of the inevitable

The sudden urges and anxiety of getting it over and done with

As swift as the swing of a flying blackhawk gripping its prey

Gets the better of me in the most logical and sensible way

Today is the Day of the Reckoning and there’s no looking back!

I have to take charge and full control of the situation at hand

The Sign from The One above points to a single direction

The solution is to meet obstacles in a head-on collision

Either you hit and run or you get hit being on the run

The choice is crystal clear… I must push the button!

It’s not really a matter of life and death, but it’s urgent!

A matter of urgency has to be dealt with as quickly

As the urgency demands no methodology elegy

The simplest choice of words and truth suffice

Speak the truth and only the truth — it’s done!

A done deal is as good as it gets but better!





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