Techie-savvy techno-preneuer, any young Bruneian?!

19 03 2009

ABOVE URL is my personal challenge to a real gutsy ICT genius amongst Bruneian younger generation of the day!

Instead of coming up with silly video flicks which don’t look original at all, why can’t brainy, nerdy, geeky Bruneian lads be like this Korean-American guy, Jeff Han, who back in 2006 revolutionized the multi-touch screen technology?


And now Microsoft (with Bill Gates’ vision) has recently launched the ‘Surface’ tabletop PC — PURE MAGIC! One Korean business contact not too long ago did give me a real big K.O bang to my head when he said point blank: “You Bruneians are just users,” (meaning useless) “You only know how to use our (Korean) products but has any of your people ever invented or made any prototypes or done thorough research, etc?” *SPEECHLESS*#^^





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