Love thy mother — I love Mama so very much!

21 03 2009

ONLY moments ago, I got tear jerks in my heart stumbling upon a Straits Times story about an insane 51-year-old mum who allegedly stabbed her 14-year-old daughter, Eunice, to death a couple of days ago in Singapore.

Last year, a Malaysian mother had been charged for the murder of her 5-year-old daughter. And last month, in Brunei Darussalam, a mother was charged by police to have pimped her two teenaged daughters to solicit money from sexual perverts.

There was this recent absurd case of a mother named Rosemarie (wife of “Austria’s Monster” Fritzl) who has not an inkling about how her crazy husband had been incestuously raping her daughter, Elisabeth, an estimated 3,000 times down below in their house cellar since she was 18. He has fathered seven children out of that incest (Elisabeth is now 42)!

There seems to be no end to such freaky cases globally. What’s happening to morality in the world we live in now?

Heaven lies under one’s mother’s sole of her foot… but when cruel mothers have no more care in the world for their own daughters, something’s wrong somewhere, somehow. Pure motherly values need to be inculcated!

The learning point for me in all these motherly failures is how an ungrateful son I’ve been all these years for the greatest and kindest love that my Mama has been showering on me and my other siblings throughout the decades. All the sufferings she has endured and sacrifices she has made for 50 years since my mother first gave birth to her first child in 1959. My late eldest brother had passed away when he was two years old due to illness.

But what unfortunate circumstances that some mothers had to resort to unthinkable and unimaginable acts of cruelty on their innocent offsprings, particularly their baby daughters they had laboured so hard to deliver into this temporary world..

Nauzubillahi minzalik… Astaghfirullah alAzhiim!





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21 03 2009

So do I love mine devotedly… It is an image of me with my Mom in our matching bajukurong & tudongs too always on my hp wallpaper & a picture of me & my Mom too up on the mirror of my dressing table. My family picture, I have carried it every where I go, migrated & travelled, including abroad (“, You are one good son & you are doing just fine…

24 03 2009

Why Merci Beaucoup for your kind compliments, mi Lady Croft! 🙂 However I am not a good husband and not doing too fine on the family front.. ah well, you win some, you lose some! 😦 Still, LOVE is as TIME itself is always of the ESSENCE. 😛

Needless to say, heroine adventurer Lara Croft, if or when you are married to your husband, your beloved Mother would have to come second to your beloved husband. Heaven may be at your mother’s feet but a wife who is truly loyal and completely devoted to her husband is GUARANTEED a Special Place in Paradise! 😉

25 03 2009


thank you for visiting me and making me laugh….

this post of yours is so touching..

i’m remembering my late mom. she was the dearest soul ever… and she was a wonderful wife and a doting grandmother. I do miss her..Al-Fatehah..

thanks again.

25 03 2009

Amin Cik Nuraina! May your late dearly departed Mother’s soul and your legendary iconic dearly departed Father’s soul rest in peace (Mudah-mudahan roh kedua-dua orang tua Nuraina dicucuri rahmat Allah Azza Wajaala dan ditempatkan di kalangan para anbiya, solehin, solehah — Amin Ya Rabbal Alamien). And as always it’s a great honour to have you visiting my humble site!

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