On the contrary, call to Allah is the Righteous action!

30 04 2009

FASCINATING how this video has been produced professionally based on true facts and figures, not to mention almost accurate projections. However, the narrated apprehension and unnecessary Islamophobia is uncalled for, really… 😦

May Allah guide all human race to the Righteous Path and may the LIGHT of FAITH shine at the end of a worldly dark tunnel. AMIN! 🙂

The real call for action is to embrace the Islamic religion of peace, love, kindness and spiritual TRUTH! 😉 May peace be on all Muslims globally…



Let us all stand by each other during difficult crises…

30 04 2009

THE SOUND of music is the most Universal language for humanity:

Above hit song is another of my greatest oldies faves… 🙂


^~”Bridge Over Troubled Water”~#

30 04 2009

MY HANDSOME princely son and my sweet angelic daughter just
got their brand new Yamaha electric keyboard today. Both of
them seem like naturals when it comes to playing the piano.

As for their melancholic daddy, I’d be happiest if I could just for
once be able to sing together with my two talented kids on the
keyboards my all-time evergreen favourite tune which had been
made popular by Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon… But little did I know that the late ‘King of Rock’ Elvis Presley had also sung it before:

One of those oldies which almost always makes me cry… 😦

And to think that I was only six years old when it was first recorded in 1969! 🙂

This good old-fashioned song is dedicated to all the girls I’ve loved and still love peace & kindness… 😉


Swine flu fears grip the world…

26 04 2009

ALHAMDULLILLAH (All praises be to Allah Subhannahu Wataala), Islamic teachings preach the importance of cleanliness. And taking ablution before each daily prayer (obligatory for Muslims to pray five times a day) which involves washing essential parts of the body, particularly starting with both hands is ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ in itself. This is the most basic act of cleansing oneself from all kinds of diseases i.e. as a preventative measure from being infected with SARS, Bird Flu, Foot and Mouth disease and now the recent outbreak of Swine Influenza which has killed a number of people in Mexico and elsewhere in the world.

Another good teaching of Islam is the prohibition for all Muslims from eating pork meat, or even to rear pigs. The Swine Flu is believed to have originated from that particular animal and is further spread through human-to-human contact.

My point is with the rapid outbreak of this latest epidemic to hit the global population, the God Almighty seems to be  giving warning signs to  human beings on earth in general and Muslims  in particular to strictly adhere to the teachings of the Islamic  Holy Book, the Al-Quran. I personally admit that I have been neglecting my spiritual duties and responsibilities toward Him lately.

So what better time to start now and pray right away  to seek Allah’s Guide and Protection from this Swine Flu fever… Insya Allah (God Willing).


Talented Brit wows millions U-Tubes globally!

22 04 2009

GOD must be most kind to Susan Boyle who has made waves over the worldwide broadband via YouTube over the past week or so. (Please click on YouTube screen — embedding disabled by request — to watch her perform… )

When one of my office-mates showed me her class-act performance on YouTube a fortnight ago, I didn’t really bother to take too much notice of it. I was too pre-occupied with work pressures to even watch Susan Boyle’s debut performance on the popular UK TV programme, “Britain’s Got Talent 2009”. Somehow today (albeit workloads) I felt the urge to see for myself what’s so special about this ‘jobless to STARdom’ worldwide fame phenomenon that’s been reported all over the media globally.

And I have to agree with Simon Cowell, her singing was simply and exquisitely “extraordinary”! Without my realising it, tears rolled down my right eye watching the whole episode of natural confidence and exuberance of Susan Boyle backstage, onstage and her offstage emotions at the end of it all… and so had millions all over the Internet world, too, I believe… 🙂 The unassuming 47-year-old Scottish lass has truly mesmerised her ‘initially cynical’ audience. MAGIC! 


At long last, a good old English gentleman ‘farts’ some sense!

21 04 2009

THE author of a good old British blog — http://crabbyoldfart.wordpress.com — Donald Mills, wrote:

“The problem with young people today is that they are sex crazed.

When I was a boy, sex was like playing catch with your dad after dinner. Something you were promised and looked forward to, but which was never likely to actually happen.

In my day, sex was functional, perfunctory and something you were ashamed of. We had one position and it didn’t have a name. None of this acrobatic upside-down flip-around-on-your-head with a harness, head of lettuce and store bought erection nonsense. You didn’t need to stretch beforehand for Christ’s sake.

I didn’t have sex until three years after my marriage. And even then it was unintentional. Just rolled over at an opportune moment and it was done.

But these kids today, they’re at it before they’re out of grade school. Humping each other like a bunch of mongrel dogs in perpetual heat and then boasting about it on the MySpace and YouTube. It’s demeaning, degrading and it gets my goat.

And don’t for a minute think this is just “sour grapes.” It’s not. This is a serious problem.

If someone doesn’t put a stop to this pimply rutting spree there will be dire consequences. How soon will it be before these horny monsters get bored with mounting each other and start looking for new kinds of kicks? Before you know it, teens will be humping lamp posts, mail boxes, outdoor sprinklers and unsuspecting seniors out for an innocent Sunday stroll. It will be anarchy of the most perverted kind.

They’re sex crazed. That’s what’s wrong with young people today.”

I don’t know how much worse is a similar social problem in Brunei Darussalam right now. Looking at the rising number of unwed pregnancies and abandoned innocent newly-born babies in recent years, things as they happened, are not rosy going fast forward into the future so-called civilized world? One medical Social Worker friend said it’s as worse! 😦


Desperately seeking jobs… :(

18 04 2009

A COUPLE of postings I saw recently in some popular bloggers’ chat-boxes asked if there were jobs available for them.. most probably the chatters making such enquiries in open public domains are young and fresh school-leavers.

Last Friday, a friend was asking me if I could help his son with only ‘O’ Levels to look for a job. Over the years, I’ve met many unemployed Bruneians seeking jobs which seem endlessly futile for a large majority  of them.  Local Labour statistics put the jobless figures at around 7 thousand at present. I doubt if it’s really an accurate figure, given that there are hundreds more of the unemployed who do not bother to register with the Labour Job Centre (particularly those between the ages of 35 and 55).

Just the other day, I read in the local daily newspaper about a jobless 52-year-old Bruneian man charged with theft! 😦 Last Sunday’s Borneo Bulletin reported that an unemployed 40-year-old Bruneian guy had been charged with illegal possession of a home-made shotgun which he and his partner-in-crime made themselves! (These unemployed locals are capable of doing anything out of desperation!). Another easy bucks way out for them is in the menacing drug trade. More and more Bruneians have been brought to courts (not in Brunei but outside of the country) for illegal drug peddling or smuggling. It can indeed be a vicious cycle of circumstances to be in, being unemployed, that is.

His Majesty’s Government has done much to try and solve the unemployment problem but the government can only do so much (*sigh*). Since most of the jobless are Bruneian Malay Muslims, another better alternative for the jobless is to enhance their spiritual belief in order to strengthen their “Akidah” or “Iman” (Islamic Faith).

I think the “Pusat Dakwah” Centre of the Religious Affairs Ministry in close cooperation with the Labour Department of the Home Affairs Ministry as well as the Social Welfare Department of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports should try and look at the viability of introducing both motivational and religious courses for the unemployed. It would at least address the issue of hopelessness or low self-esteem problems being faced by these jobless people.

Having said that, a strong faith in Islam could possibly deter the unemployed from committing any sinful actions which may pose dire consequences to their future. In the meantime, drastic measures to stem the growing problem of unemployment in this country is urgently called for (actually, it was highlighted during the recent LegCo). I see no point in blaming job-seekers of being choosy because not all of them are… they earnestly want to put in more efforts to look for decent jobs, no matter what the workscope entails, be it in the Civil Service or the Private Sector i.e. SME firms, etc. I don’t know why can’t these hundreds of jobless Bruneians be rounded up and be guided to form a Cooperative or something so that they can try to be independent minding their own business? United in strength in numbers and multi-skillings, they could form as simple as grass-cutting enterprise or even a small construction company building private homes or doing menial renovation work, etc.

(There’s no end to this)