Mrs G gets my “Wife of the Year” VOTE! Lucky Hubby GEMBO!

2 04 2009


WHILE I’m still on the subject of the exemplary great Muslimah wife, I can really relate to a recent nightmarish real life threatening experience of a humble blogger-photographer on the West Side of the country ( What touched me the most in still recuperating Gembo’s blogspot journal was the mere mention of how his beloved, devoted wife stood by her man-hero throughout his comatose ordeal! Subhannallah!

“My beloved wife (Mrs G) has been my rock during the whole episode being with me throughout: Sleeping on the floor at the ICU waiting room & being my personal nurse at the general wards, cleaning me up, feeding me, read to me, often waking up in the middle of the night to give my drinks and medications, with all her love and care. That loving care really helped with my recovery. Did I also mention that she had to make that critical decision to transfer me to RIPAS hospital on the first day? It was a big decision to make and I am really grateful that she did that, otherwise…”

WOW! Now, the above picture tells a thousand stories and such real-life LOVE STORY beats the hell of any crappy box-office movie ever produced by Hollywood and Bollywood put together, man! 😉 Gembo’s account even far outlived the famous Indonesian film, “Ayat-Ayat Cinta” by a long, long shot… and how every concerned member of his Community (caring relatives, workmates and social circle friends) had prayed so hard for his miraculous recovery! ALHAMDULLILLAH! (All praises only be to ALLAH Subhannahu Wataala) May God Bless You All, Guys in Seria/KB, AMIN!

Reading between the lines, one can only take in the gist of God the Almighty’s supreme reasons for all that’s happened to any of His creatures. At the end of the day, it could only mean a sheer  ‘Blessing in Disguise’… 🙂 BE STRONG AND HAVE FAITH, GEMBO!





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