Talented Brit wows millions U-Tubes globally!

22 04 2009

GOD must be most kind to Susan Boyle who has made waves over the worldwide broadband via YouTube over the past week or so. (Please click on YouTube screen — embedding disabled by request — to watch her perform… )

When one of my office-mates showed me her class-act performance on YouTube a fortnight ago, I didn’t really bother to take too much notice of it. I was too pre-occupied with work pressures to even watch Susan Boyle’s debut performance on the popular UK TV programme, “Britain’s Got Talent 2009”. Somehow today (albeit workloads) I felt the urge to see for myself what’s so special about this ‘jobless to STARdom’ worldwide fame phenomenon that’s been reported all over the media globally.

And I have to agree with Simon Cowell, her singing was simply and exquisitely “extraordinary”! Without my realising it, tears rolled down my right eye watching the whole episode of natural confidence and exuberance of Susan Boyle backstage, onstage and her offstage emotions at the end of it all… and so had millions all over the Internet world, too, I believe… 🙂 The unassuming 47-year-old Scottish lass has truly mesmerised her ‘initially cynical’ audience. MAGIC! 





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25 04 2009

My favourite part was the moment Simon’s eyes lit up and Amanda’s jaw dropped when she started singing. Priceless! Susan Boyle has since done countless interviews on both sides of the pond, and has had a makeover. I just hope she maintains her endearing quality of being that simple lady out of nowhere with the voice of an angel.


26 04 2009

Yes, dear cookie, “Priceless!” is simply the best word to describe people’s surprise at such God-given talent. My only worry for her is if she could go on to win the BBC’s Reality TV contest, let alone enter the Final… I mean, like all novelties, it’ll wear off sooner rather than later. Good looks always win?

In which case, she should now decide to go for a professional recording contract already and skip the rest of the competition. Not unless Susan Boyle wants to enjoy the global fame while it lasts. She could even go on to become a Soprano to perform “Madame Butterfly” with help from Kiri Te Kanawa et al…

27 04 2009

More and more competition has sprouted in the form of some very talented kids, and already people are hating on poor Susan Boyle for getting the sympathy vote. Sure, the element of surprise has worn off after having gone viral in a matter of days, but it’s a shame how appearances seem to win over very fast!

In case you haven’t, check out Hollie Steel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOeWz2k4tTI


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