A year older, a year wiser?

9 05 2009

ONE of the two great  ‘Evergreen’ singers/musicians in the video above, Billy Joel, is celebrating his 60th birthday on 9th of May today. The other legendary famous singer is the unmistakable Elton John, of course. They sang a duet rendition of Billy Joel’s classic hit number, “The Piano Man”.

And I am 14 years younger than Billy Joel today! 😛 Like most people tend to say, “Age is just a number..” 😉

With numbers in mind, I emailed a dear young ‘old’ friend of mine to make me some of her ‘world-famous’ mini cupcakes with that particular theme. To go nicely with the numbers game, I ordered from her widely and globally-read tasteontray.blogspot.com a simple but symbolic 3D Rainbow-design chocolate moist cake for my birthday do in the office this morning. The yummy, yummy cuppies and chocolatey were instant hits with my office mates! 🙂  A specially home-baked cheese spaghetti was another favourite dish walloped by them in record time! 😀

It was a nice eat-all-you-can affair to round up all in a week’s work at the office. To bless the no-frills birthday bash, I invited an Indonesian Ustaz to lead a “Bertahlil” prayers for the late mother of an office-mate who passed away last week and followed with a “Doa Selamat” or Thanksgiving prayers. Only after that did the Indonesian Quranic Tutor told me that we happen to share the same birthday today! 🙂 It’s sheer coincidence by the will of Allah, no doubt. But for him, life begins at 40! 😉 Whereas for me, I’m undergoing a helter-skelter kinda mid-life crisis of sorts… hehehhe 😀 Ah, well… life is what you make it to be so simply be happy! 🙂 (Although sad in reality) 😦

The only other person I know who shares my exact birthday of the same birthyear is my former (primary until secondary school) classmate, who is now an Educator. The only famous celebrity who is exactly our age today is a Mexican movie director, Emilio Maille (no one has ever heard of him, anyways!).

I suppose one of the most famous birthday celebrants in the US alive today has gotta be the American award-winning actress, Candice Bergen. One of the most well-known Bruneians I could think of who has a big day today is the former Special Adviser to His Majesty the Sultan and ex-Home Affairs Minister, Pehin Dato Haji Isa.

But talk about celebrities born in the ‘Vintage’ year of ’63, I know ‘household name’ blogger-extraordinaire, Mr BR of dailybruneiresources.blogspot.com fame will be 46 come this July. If I’m not mistaken Hj Paulaland in the Hague, too, is a forty-sexier (46er)? Still good-looking, dashing and hunky actors our age are the likes of Johnny Depp (born: June 9, 1963); Brad Pitt; Greg Kinnear; Mike Myers; Jet Li; Rob Schneider; Russell Wong; to name but just a few… 😛






3 responses

10 05 2009

really wiser. are makes it wise

12 05 2009

A year older a year wiser as long as we continue with the lifelong learning, presevere in good and bad times, be compassionate, lots of patient and always preparing for the lifeafter. Belated birthday greeting.

By the way I wasn’t born during the 63 boom year!
Gladly I’m a bit younger than that.

12 05 2009

Oops! 😀 Sorry boss P16.. age slip was meant to be a compliment i.e. you’re way too mature to be so much younger! Hehehehh 😉 Awu.. banaa tah bakal kan jadi MD Kompani Bapa Saya Punya niih nda lagi lama… AMIN! 🙂

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