Lost Prose

13 05 2009

My Princess of Inspiration

My Princess of Inspiration

Patience and Perseverance

(Specially dedicated to my Mother)

Earthly green color of life

stays naturally, tested by

all elements of nature

throughout the ages


Nature’s brown color

shadows the horizon

penetrates the depths

of the earthly layers


The redness of anger

swells like magma

boiling deep inside

erupting volcanically


The cool white dews

of pure Mother Nature

melt the heart’s desire

to burn bridges in fire


A mother’s true patience

and utter perseverance

have taught her son all the

inner beauties of the heart Smile

Those simple (bit childish) phrases came off the top of my ‘Poet’s hat’ more than an hour ago… Ever since I was in Form 4 ages ago, I’ve had this streak of poetry in me. Funny thing is that I’ve written countless of poems or proses but most have all gone to waste into oblivion. 😦 A few did get published in my old high school magazine, the occasional Poetry Corner in the Borneo Bulletin many years ago as well as in a small Anthology book in late 90s.

I just enjoy flowy, flowery rhymes in my writing although it doesn’t make sense to other people, obviously but I simply put my heart into whatever comes out from my thick-skull head. (LOL) 😀 Call it stress-reliever, if you will. 😉





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