“Peace Train” is PLK’s theme song

16 05 2009

I’VE been lucky to have had two chances of seeing Yusuf Islam a.k.a Cat Stevens live in person when he came twice to Brunei. First time was in the 90s when he spoke to a fully-packed audience in the International Convention Centre and his second trip to this Abode of Peace was a few years ago during the 1st International Islamic Exhibition which was held at the State Mufti’s Office. Now, I’m glad that he’s making a comeback in his singing career with the deep-seated sincere intention of showing the world that Islam is not in any way TERRORISM! I pray for all Muslims globally to UNITE for the sake of ALLAH the Almighty! AMIN… 🙂

To my Prince Charming son, B.A.W, CIMG3883 I dedicate Cat Steven’s hit songs to you, Baz! 🙂 Three of my favourites: “Father and Son”; “Wild World” and “Morning Has Broken”…

I LOVE YOU so very much and your pretty li’l sister, BABY TARA, TOO! 🙂 Please study hard for your coming exams, guys! 😉





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