Too bloody surreal! :D

18 05 2009

I REMEMBER at school, a few of my Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) teachers taught us kids to never ever control oneself from urinating, if one can’t help relieving oneself no longer. And if one has to stop by the roadside to take a pee, so be it. 😛

Understandably, stopping oneself from leaking it out could lead to various medical problems e.g. urinary tract infection (UTI) or worse still kidney ailment, etc.

In this uploaded YouTube video, two Japanese funnymen took the ‘urine test’ to a whole new level of problem-solving under ‘fiery’ pressure! 😀 Illogically, it’s simply out of this world. Bruneian video flicks look pathetically amateurish by a long shot comparably. 

Oh! What a relief…  🙂 I could drink that tea to keep my blood pressure in check. 😉





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