Forever a poet-wannabe! :P

16 06 2009

I hate to lose a couple more prose I posted in my tag some weeks back so I re-posted ’em in here:

  • Human conflict

    Human nature to agree to disagree

    Petty quarrel leads to major conflicts

    Wars break out when leaders clash

    At the end of the day, relations suffer

    Every person for himself or herself

    No man is an island but I am my own I

    You are you and don’t meet eye to eye 

    That is the way most people treat others

    Respect is a value that has gone awry

    Great attitudes are things past gone by


    Starving in Hunger


  • A scavenger for love

  • wanders the globe

  • a drifter in fantasy

    lost in a time zone

    meant for dreamers

    of future unknown

    hungry for fleshy

    meat of easy prey

    dying in starvation

    yet working hard

    a stranger surviving

    alone but not lonely

    in the coldness of

    the wilderness country

    searching for lost soul

    looking for real sanity

    in the world’s surreality

    of a crazy uncertainty

    months of travelling

    came to a dead end

    back to own roots

    a soldier of fortune

    shall return home

    to waiting arms

    of his family

    in reunion.






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