Beyonce is beyond me^#@* Lucky Jay-Z 2b her Laki! Hehehhe :D

23 06 2009

Ain’t we all being stressed out with daily chores and our personal lives’ ups and downs sometimes? So let’s have a kit-kat, take a break, break a leg and suss out this Diva of the new century of music.

Poetry in motion to go with Beyonce’s performance of  “I’m A Survivor”… featuring Destiny’s Child:

Ninja Warrior Survivor

Just gotten over my blues

Some moments ago

Whole body shook

Sobs from heart’s deep

Brought tears swelling

In ugly eyebags, sleep

Deprivation takes its

Toll on Survivor’s soul

The Ninja Warrior roars

Thunderous strength of

Optimism and survival

Instincts in the jungle

Of triviality vs reality

No fear, babe, I am

My own worst enemy

Dear old silly cow me

But Beyonce sums it

Best: “I’m a Survivor!”

Can’t seem to never get enough of Beyonce — 2009 may just turn out to be her Golden Year, y’all listen up yo! 😛

Mrs Bee feat. Usher &  L’il Wayne to “Love In This Club” 🙂

PLK (feat. Beyonce)







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