Ode to the MoonWalker

26 06 2009

Michael Jackson's songs live on...

MJ's songs live on...

I shed tears when the late Princess Diana died

I shared my emotions at her accidental death

with my beloved mother then a decade or so ago

the dearly departed Princess of Hearts soothed

millions of worldly citizens to cry buckets then.


And now the final curtain has been drawn on

the late King of Pop — a legend in his own right

who only recently told his global fans, “This is it!”

I can never fathom what Michael Jackson meant

neither could the whole world understand the King.


Throughout his life, miseries sealed his unhappiness

troubles followed suit wherever the MoonWalker went

from slanderous to scandalous media frenzy and chaos

MJ had to withstand pressures so menial but tangible

yet he overcame them all and the  icon still stood tall.


50 live concerts at 50 years old does sound a tall order

but no, not to him, he’d have faced all the challenges

like a real macho man whose sincerity only God knows

the hardships and struggles toward the end of his days

only echoed and proved what the King of Pop is made of.


Guts of steel and icy cold snow-whitened familiar face

of the dearly departed, who’ll surely be missed in time

I shall not cry for you Michael Jackson and expect no

tears from me, the day your music died and got buried

millions mourn your passing, their hearts poured to you.


Your future brighter days lie ahead in the Hereafter

to be filled with infinite comforts and endless joy

minus paparazzis and blood-sucking human leeches

taking advantage of your gentle, soft-spoken naivety

but fret no more, my farewell King, you are on your own.


It’s time to enjoy everlasting beauties of the Heavens above

which befit the true legendary King of Pop from Planet Earth

from a small kid with a big golden voice to an adult performer

night in, night out you have sung to the world songs of hope

Ode to the King of Pop, the One Most Benevolent to welcome. 







One response

27 06 2009

I just can’t help it, though, I simply had to cry it out for the dearly departed kind soul may you rest in peace and I love your music and your kind heart…

Mudah-mudahan Allah Subhannahu Wataala melimpahi rahmat-Nya ke atas roh Allahyarham Mohammed (Mikaeel) Jackson Abdullah — Amin. AlFatihah.

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