Nostalgic analysis

30 07 2009

JULY 15 comes and goes
Festive atmosphere shows
Human traffic always follows
Where “Gerai Perayaan” bellows

It’s the time of the ’09 year
King and people unite together
Celebrate 63rd birthday of the Leader
Amidst A(H1N1) scare remains sombre

Fond memories over the years recall
That carnival-like fun was enjoyed by all
These days people-watching at foodstall
Bazaar booths sell all kinds of goods for all

I cruised by at night and simply observed
How pathetic the Bruneian public is being served
Only with static displays of smoky, smelly barbecued
Foodstuff oiled to the meaty, fleshy skin to be preserved

Cars, both flashy and subdued alike, lined along Jalan Sultan
Families and groupies walked in droves straight to the Taman
Most central lighted up square in capital Bandar Seri Begawan
Formerly known as the Padang where stage shows reigned once

Like an army of ants Bruneians flocked to the nightly festivities
Looking forward to having their whales of a time in full activities
Alas, they returned home a bit disappointed due to lull creativities
The most popular buys – the “Sotong Tutuk” and lots other niceties




17 07 2009

Spiritual healing
A new beginning
Numbness in my
Left index finger
A small growth
Lump in mid-rib
Pins and needles
Feeling swells
Pain a little bit
Caused by swell

Spiritual healing
A new beginning
Heralds a new era
Turning over a new
Leaf in the life story
Of a reckless being
Nurtured by nature
Influenced by evil
Whispers of devilish
Streaks of wildness

Spiritual healing
A new beginning
In search of peace
Tranquility sets in
Looking for love
A soul mate comes
And goes like the wind
Hoping for kindness
Cruelty creeps in
To dear life thee clings

Spiritual healing
A new beginning
Turn to the Creator
Lord of the Universe
Submit in totality
Purity in sincerity
Open in sanctity
Just in consistency
And let the heal
Begins in earnest


I’ll be there…

12 07 2009

Sleepless H1N1 nights

9 07 2009

Pandemic, epidemic, catastrophic

Influenza virus attack kinda tragic

Myoscopic, claustrophobic, epic

Proportion of sufferers in medivac

Multiplies, quantifies in generic

No cure of Swine Flu in authentic

Paradoxically cures are intrinsic

Ironically masks are trendy basic

Surprisingly people are intrigued

By widespread infectious streak


H1N1 cases in Brunei: 200+ and rising…

8 07 2009

ABOUT TWO months back, I posted on A(H1N1) below:

“Swine flu fears grip the world…
ALHAMDULLILLAH (All praises be to Allah Subhannahu Wataala), Islamic teachings preach the importance of cleanliness. And taking ablution before each daily prayer (obligatory for Muslims to pray five times a day) which involves washing essential parts of the body, particularly starting with both hands is ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ in itself. This is the most basic act of cleansing oneself from all kinds of diseases i.e. as a preventative measure from being infected with SARS, Bird Flu, Foot and Mouth disease and now the recent outbreak of Swine Influenza which has killed a number of people in Mexico and elsewhere in the world.

Another good teaching of Islam is the prohibition for all Muslims from eating pork meat, or even to rear pigs. The Swine Flu is believed to have originated from that particular animal and is further spread through human-to-human contact.

My point is with the rapid outbreak of this latest epidemic to hit the global population, the God Almighty seems to be giving warning signs to human beings on earth in general and Muslims in particular to strictly adhere to the teachings of the Islamic Holy Book, the Al-Quran. I personally admit that I have been neglecting my spiritual duties and responsibilities toward Him lately.

So what better time to start now and pray right away to seek Allah’s Guide and Protection from this Swine Flu fever… Insya Allah (God Willing).


And now I will remind myself again and again, go back to basics — pray, Pray and PRAY! For the love of the Lord Almighty, only He we all should go to and seek from for all the cures to worldly illnesses and diseases… 🙂 Five times a day of praying ain’t too much to ask! 😦

Prophet Musa Alaihi Salam (Moses – peace be on him) had once been inflicted with a painful tummy-ache. He suffered too much pain and had tried all kinds of medication ever invented and concocted during his time thousands of years ago. So when he could not bear the pain no more, he then turned to God for help — S.O.S ASAP! 😉

Allah Subhannahu Wataala, the Most Merciful and Most-Hearing, heard his Prophet’s urgent call for help. God commanded Nabi Allah Musa Alaihi Salam to go to the forest to look for a certain species of herbal leaves which could be the best cure for his particular illness then.

So off he did right away, no questions asked. And truly cured the alternative au naturel medicine did. However, after a few months, the stomach ailment troubled the Prophet again or recurring problem occured. Nabi Musa A.S then communicated with the Almighty to ask Him whatever happened to the magic of the cure? He explained to God that he had been taking his medication regularly but why no curable effect like when he first started taking it?

God’s simplest reply: “Ya Musa, it worked wonders the first time because you had the belief that it was your Lord who provided the cure for your illness and not the medication or the leaves from the jungle! But gradually your belief lost its firmness and you believed that it was the medicine that cured your sickness but not your Lord who commanded you to find the medicine from the forest, in the first place! Go figure! 😛

At long last, Prophet Moses (peace be on him) finally figured that it was not the medicine that cured his medical problem BUT all along it had always been the Lord Almighty who IS THE Cure via man-made medication utilizing resource-rich and solution-friendly jungle herbs~!

Let’s all pray to Him now and make the extra-mile effort to look for the best cure for H1N1 in our Flora and Fauna-rich virgin jungle… 😛

BUT always believe in our heart of hearts that everything is from Allah Azza Wajalaa and not from any of the myriad of His creations on earth! We must also pray that we will never ever go astray from the ONE! 🙂 Amin ya Rabbal Alamin!

p.s. The thing to remember in times of suffering from illnesses is this: When we are being afflicted with all sorts of diseases, it is a form of cleansing oneself from all previous sins committed, either knowingly or unknowingly.

p.p.s. The other thing to remember is that whatever ailments or diseases could only come from the Lord Almighty and only God cures all… May all those undergoing quarantine have strength and patience — Amin!


Love bonds father and daughter

8 07 2009

PARIS JACKSON finally spoke! And the whole world listened, cried and mourned endlessly for “the best father you could ever imagine…” Coming from the innocent heart of an 11-year-old daughter, any Daddy would have asked for no better words than those uttered by the second child and only daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson (may his soul rest in peace — Amin!).

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson said (sobbing in tears): “Ever since I was born, my daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine and I just want to say I love him so much.”

My own daughter, who is as beautiful as Paris, will turn 11 come September 3rd this year. Having spent such quality time with her and her elder brother last weekend, I decided not to watch the Memorial Service in Remembrance of the dearly departed in LA on Live TV last night. Instead I visited my beloved mother and spent quality time with her instead over dinner. I’m pretty sure, my daughter must have cried tears, too, watching her American peer, the daughter of a world celebrity icon grieve over the passing of her King of Pop daddy… 😦

I love my son as much as my daughter but there’s simply no words which could describe the fascinatingly stronger bond of love between a father and a daughter. To me personally, my daughter is the apple of my eye and much more precious than any gemstone on the face of the earth! 🙂 I love both my son and daughter equally and unequivocally. I am damn proud of them both, no doubt.

Last Saturday, I watched my daughter perform brilliantly in a couple of ballet dance performances (she was exalted when she received her exam result and certificate in which she scored a Distinction). And on Sunday, my son became a star overnight (literally) after he sang an almost perfect beginner’s rendition of “Fall For You” by Secondhand Serenade during a musical recital which was organized by his musical school. My 15-year-old “a star is born” son was voted by that school as the Most Hardworking piano and vocals student.

What can I say… a talented daughter takes after her talented daddy and like father, like son! 😉 Over lunch that Sunday, my daughter and I teased her big brother telling him how timely for him to become a singer right around the time the greatest ever singer passed away. Could it be the Good Omen that my son will be the King of Pop’s reincarnation or replacement in the not too distant future? 😀 😛


A bold Royal Command

6 07 2009

HIS MAJESTY’s Titah the other day to cancel all planned celebrations in conjunction with our beloved Monarch’s 63rd Birthday anniversary on July 15th 2009 is a rare but wise decision ever made by the ruler of any country in the world.

By doing so, His Majesty has the well-being of all peoples of Brunei Darussalam at heart to avoid further escalation of the H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak in this Abode of Peace. Thus far, the epidemic claimed an innocent young life last week when a 12-year-old Bruneian girl succumbed to her death caused by H1N1-related complications, coupled with previous ailments suffered by the dearly departed prior to being infected by the ‘killer virus’. My sincere condolences to the bereaved family. May Allah bless her soul, Al-Fatihah, Amin!

Schools throughout the nation re-opened today and both students and teachers alike adorned their faces with masks as a precautionary measure to safeguard the school population from getting infected.

Rising number of people suspected of or diagnosed with H1N1 is a cause for concern in a small country like Brunei. Various steps and initiatives have been taken by the Government to control if not to eradicate the deadly H1N1 virus from spreading like wildfire.

Long Live His Majesty! — Dirgahayu Kebawah Duli Tuan Patek!