A bold Royal Command

6 07 2009

HIS MAJESTY’s Titah the other day to cancel all planned celebrations in conjunction with our beloved Monarch’s 63rd Birthday anniversary on July 15th 2009 is a rare but wise decision ever made by the ruler of any country in the world.

By doing so, His Majesty has the well-being of all peoples of Brunei Darussalam at heart to avoid further escalation of the H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak in this Abode of Peace. Thus far, the epidemic claimed an innocent young life last week when a 12-year-old Bruneian girl succumbed to her death caused by H1N1-related complications, coupled with previous ailments suffered by the dearly departed prior to being infected by the ‘killer virus’. My sincere condolences to the bereaved family. May Allah bless her soul, Al-Fatihah, Amin!

Schools throughout the nation re-opened today and both students and teachers alike adorned their faces with masks as a precautionary measure to safeguard the school population from getting infected.

Rising number of people suspected of or diagnosed with H1N1 is a cause for concern in a small country like Brunei. Various steps and initiatives have been taken by the Government to control if not to eradicate the deadly H1N1 virus from spreading like wildfire.

Long Live His Majesty! — Dirgahayu Kebawah Duli Tuan Patek!





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