Nostalgic analysis

30 07 2009

JULY 15 comes and goes
Festive atmosphere shows
Human traffic always follows
Where “Gerai Perayaan” bellows

It’s the time of the ’09 year
King and people unite together
Celebrate 63rd birthday of the Leader
Amidst A(H1N1) scare remains sombre

Fond memories over the years recall
That carnival-like fun was enjoyed by all
These days people-watching at foodstall
Bazaar booths sell all kinds of goods for all

I cruised by at night and simply observed
How pathetic the Bruneian public is being served
Only with static displays of smoky, smelly barbecued
Foodstuff oiled to the meaty, fleshy skin to be preserved

Cars, both flashy and subdued alike, lined along Jalan Sultan
Families and groupies walked in droves straight to the Taman
Most central lighted up square in capital Bandar Seri Begawan
Formerly known as the Padang where stage shows reigned once

Like an army of ants Bruneians flocked to the nightly festivities
Looking forward to having their whales of a time in full activities
Alas, they returned home a bit disappointed due to lull creativities
The most popular buys – the “Sotong Tutuk” and lots other niceties





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