Lightning & Thunder on 3rd Day of “Puasa”

23 08 2009


THE FASTING month this year has got off to a good start. It is quite heart-rending to welcome this blessed month of Ramadan.

I can only pray that I will be able to fulfill this religious obligation in complete devotion through resilient patience and determined will-power, God Willing (Insya Allah). My son is in high spirits to see to it that he will succeed to last the month and my daughter is keen, too.

I suppose this spiritual time of the year is not to be taken for granted. The insurmountable tests each individual Muslim has to face throughout the month would only mean that one has no choice but to submit to the all-powerful will of the Almighty. Only then should a Muslim be grateful for the opportunity to get closer to the Lord of the Universe. Whether one’s subservience is rewarded or not, that is only for Allah Subhannahu Wataala to judge and to decide what is best for each and every servant of God. After all, Ramadan belongs to Him…





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