Lull in lullaby… :)

31 10 2009

MY OH MY! It’s been almost two months since I last posted in this journo-blog of mine, eh… 😉 Before I knew it, Eid Mubarak is long past gone and EID-UL-ADHA will pretty soon be celebrated globally with the culmination of the pinnacle of pilgrimages — the HAJ ritual for about a couple of million Muslims in Islam’s holiest city of Mekah in Saudi Arabia in a few weeks’ time. It’s the fifth obligatory pillar of the Islamic faith and I’ve not done it yet! 😦 Funny how people would address me as Haji when I’ve never performed the Haj which is compulsory for all able-bodied Muslims to make the spiritual journey at least once in a lifetime. INSYA ALLAH (God willing) I shall perform the Haj before I die in Peace, Love and Kindness… Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

My last short sojourn was a couple of weeks ago when I accompanied a business partner on a whirlwind trip starting with a drive from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) and hopped on an AirAsia flight to Johore Bahru from KK airport. Then onwards to Singapore crossing the causeway and took a night-train ride to Kuala Lumpur Central Station before taking an express coach to Penang island. Having accomplished a number of business dealings in each stop, we flew back aboard AirAsia (naturally) to KK from Bayan Lepas airport in Penang. After a four-day journey, we drove back to the Abode of Peace in one piece… safely and soundly asleep with a big snore once back home sweet home! 😀 During the fasting month until Hari Raya and even after Raya this year, I personally made several trips to Miri (in fact I celebrated double First days of Raya in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam consecutively!) 🙂

Even now as I am posting this, I’m in Miri (having treated my son to a “This Is It” movie a while ago). I watched MJ’s greatest-ever performance yesterday afternoon in Empire Cineplex alone already but I really wanted my kid to watch it, too, although he’s in the middle of his final year exams… hehehhe 😉 I just thought that he deserved a bit of a break since he’s been burning the midnight oils for the past week or so.

Speaking of the dearly-departed LEGENDARY Michael Jackson, “This Is It” (as he had tremendously enjoyed perfecting it on stage during the filmed rehearsals when MJ was still pretty much alive and kicking) is simply his PERFECT MASTERPIECE! The King of Pop has left a LEGACY like no other! Never will “This Is It” be equalled by any world-class performers on earth ever again — This Is It is just This Is It! That’s all there is to it… 😦

Tell me how many unpretentious artistes on a global scale has such PASSION and MAGIC like MJ there is? MJ is the symbol of L.O.V.E in this world or even the Hereafter, for that matter… R.I.P & May God bless your soul… Amin! The world & I LOVE YOU! 🙂