Boy oh boy! Whatta girl!

11 11 2009

PHEW! I’ve just done what I’ve always thought I’d never do i.e. updated my Facebook on the global Net and even worse still… joined the e-world of Twitters! 😉 I just hope I’ll never get so hooked on such electronic ‘addictives’… 😀

Well, what can I say? There’s always a first time for everything… superficial (or is it superfluous?) it may be to me, at least. 😛

Talk about first times, I had a great first time watching my Junior Champ and my Li’l Princess on stage in front of their teachers and schoolmates WOWing us all with their talented performances! I WAS SO SURPRISED and damn proud of my two kids last Monday when both of them and their other talented peers surprised all their school teachers with a heart-rending stage presentation during a Happy Teachers’ Day celebration in their school hall.

My 15-year-old son, B.A., was quite a natural emceeing, dancing and singing throughout the show (which he also played a key role in organizing, by the way). He even did an amazing ‘Michael Jackson Strut’ at one point! Could he really be an ‘MJ reincarnation’? 🙂

My daughter, T.A., at a tender age of 11, choreographed her own “X-plosion” dance group’s superb hip-hop dancing acts swaying to the latest pop music chart-toppers! And she danced like a real professional, too! Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney Spears — eat your hearts out, girls! A Bruneian dancing star is born… 😉

Like father like son and daughter, I guess… 😀 Today, I had to rush the two ‘super-kids’ to school very early in the morning to catch their buses for educational trips to places of interest in the capital. I haven’t caught up with them yet on how their school outings went the whole day. I’m also quite excited about how they fared in their final term exams — my daughter (who’s in Primary 5) has scored 95 for English and for Malay, 93 and a half. Not bad at all, eh? Her eldest and only brother (who’ll sit for his ‘O’ Levels next year) has a really high feat or benchmark to equal… 🙂





2 responses

16 11 2009

Did you really update your Facebook, haa? (^, Just passing by, my friend…

18 11 2009

No, not really, AJ… been out of touch lately. Just back from a 6-day trip to KL. Got sick (down with flu) but trip was quite productive, business-wise.

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