Coming to grips with ICT-savviness

11 11 2009

I’M NO GEEK! That’s for sure. I have yet to master MS Word, Excel, and various other software applications. Neither am I a hardcore hardware specialist! I’m still grappling with how best to manage my email file management. On top of that, I’m still way behind in coming to terms with the best way to blog. How to update my Facebook and Twitter accounts further add to my IT-illiterate woes.

Illiteracy is my No 1 fallacy, to put it mildly succinctly. In this day and age, without even the most basic knowledge of ICT, one is simply illiterate. Being a parent to a couple of growing up teenagers, I really need to keep myself abreast with the latest IT developments in a more and more Knowledge-based economic world.

My school-going children are not so IT whiz kids themselves but at least they get by, I suppose. Between the two of them, they must have clocked countless hours spent on their shared laptop. Mostly chatting and music or YouTube downloading, of course. Still, they used IT a lot in their schoolwork so that’s okay, I guess.

Looks like I still have a long, long way to go to catch up with the rest of the world Netizens to come to terms with the IT-reality that one has no choice but to embrace an ICT-savvy lifestyle.





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