22 11 2009

HOPING is one thing and praying for what we hope for is quite another but both intrigues are still intertwined.

On top of hope and prayers comes the most crucial element in the chemistry of {EUREKA!} success which is WORK, Work, work (doesn’t matter either we work hard or we work smart or both).

Apart from these three critical success factors, perfect TIMING could be another dimension contributing to any success story, I guess.

What’s timing got to do with one’s success? Well, most people would call it luck but to me it’s all about good timing or being at the right time, at the right place… In short, “Timing is everything!”.

Great traits such as patience, perseverance, determination, will-power and survival instincts play key roles, too, I suppose. These behaviours slowly but surely mould a person to have strong characters of Faith, Integrity, Honesty, Belief, Do or Die Spirit, etc. The list is endless but the real character of a successful human being lies way, down deep within his innermost heart of hearts i.e. SINCERITY!

Sincere in intentions to be a great Man and to do all good things in life — that’s basically what will drive any human being to the pinnacle of success in this borrowed life and the Hereafter, I think. Me? I’m a goody-two-shoes and good-for-nothing simpleton. Deep in my heart, I strive to be a good person. Although it’s a heck of a big struggle…

My life has been one hell of a struggle, anyhow, and I still have a long, long way to go but that’s life. I shall live life to the fullest and will try to overcome all obstacles that life has to offer. Personally, I’d like to think of myself as a determined guy who’s pretty strong-willed to take up any challenges which come my way — come what may! 😉

As of now, I have nothing but HOPE and hope is what I will work with to achieve success by means of prayers… No two ways about it! 🙂 If God works in mysterious ways, then I shall work my own way about it. I don’t know — call me stubborn, hard-headed, foolhardy, whatever — I love to do things MY WAY and mine alone. Merely my own principle but not being selfishly self-centered or egoistically egocentric (as if I know what those big words really mean!) Hahahhaa 😀 Anyway, here’s to My Way as sung by the ever-versatile, Good Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra, R.I.P.

Yeah, you can sing it again, Frankie, you and I always do it our ways, don’t we? Hehehhe 😉

I listen to others, no doubt, and I try to be as good a listener as possible. And of course I firmly believe that listening is an art of prime importance in human interaction vis-a-vis effective communication. Much more important is the primary need to regularly, constantly and consistently communicate with the Most Powerful Creator of the whole Universe every second, minute and day of our lives!

Basically, all I have to remember and hold dearest to heart is the plain truth that Allah the Almighty and His Messenger (Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam — peace be upon him) will give me the strength to go on… Insya Allah (God Willing). Why all my ramblings? Just talking about HOPE, guys, and to hope is to enliven the dream into reality. Nothing is impossible! Simply hope for the best and the best is what you get and deserve as long as you give it your best shot! 🙂





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