Singing my blues in Star Hill…

22 11 2009

LATE NIGHTS are to blame for my incessant coughs now after a bout of flu and fever i.e. hay fever to be more precise. I just couldn’t help it when surrounded by musically-inclined companions during my last trip to KL, dining out in Bukit Bintang food joints would end up with some entertainment fun to cap it all.

In one karaoke outlet, I managed to revive my long-lost microphonic voice belting out a couple of oldies… starting with my all-time favorite (Deep Purple’s “Soldier of Fortune”):

And wrapping up my one-night stand with the Eagles’ “Hotel California”, another evergreen fave of mine:

But my music-loving teenaged kids wouldn’t want to hear their 40-something father sing the blues. I bet their latest heart-throb would have to be this new Canadian singing sensation, 15-year-old Justin Bieber! He’s one of those rare talents who was discovered on YouTube not too long ago, by the way:

And much closer to home, this young Malaysian lass, Zee Avi who is making waves in the US music scene (her real name: Izyan Alirahman aka KokoKaina, who actually hails from Miri!) was another YouTube discovery…

Fancy that, people, why don’t we all sing our hearts out on YouTube? Who knows we may just cut a lucrative recording deal with big $$$! 😀





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