Between parenting and teaching

24 11 2009

IT’S THAT TIME of the year again when most parents start to worry about the future of their children, academically. I personally experienced not so quite pleasant Parent-Teacher relations this morning.

When I asked my two kids the day before yesterday when were their reports cards going to be handed? Their reply was one of confusion. My young daughter said this coming Saturday and her only elder brother who goes to the same school wasn’t sure. Probably that’s because their mother had pampered them to an early four-day vacation away to Manila last week before their school holidays even begin. But at around 9.30 am today my son informed me that I was supposed to see my kids’ class teachers to get their end of year reports respectively.

I came to their school around eleven this morning and their teachers were not in their classrooms anymore. So my son had to get the reports without my seeing the two different teachers while I toured a mini-exhibition in another classroom. I saw their school principal accompanying the School Board Chairman and some other key school committee members out of the school hall after a graduation ceremony for Form 5, Form 3, Primary 6 and Kindergarten students respectively. And there I was, a father of two of the school students, being left to his own device. I should’ve just looked for both my children’s school teachers personally to give them a piece of my mind but I thought to myself, “No big deal!”.

Then my son passed me both report books for him and his younger sister. I only went through each one of them, carefully analyzing them, back home. Here’s the Marks breakdown for my Form 4 son’s year end report:
Chinese II: 63.17 ; Bahasa Melayu: 76.20 ; English: 79.80 ; Mathematics: 73.41 ; Biology: 70.60 ; Physics: 77.50 ; Chemistry: 71.90 ; Additional Maths: 45.50 ; Principles of Account: 84.40 and Physical Education: 74.00… Okay, not that bad SAVE for his Additional Mathematics which was deplorable, to say the least.

However, his 11-year-old sister is struggling a bit this year, I gather from her year-end school report. Now, as a parent I have something to worry about since both of them will sit for important public exams next year.

The question remains: How could parents and teachers work closely together to help with troubled students like both my kids? And they’re my only two children, if I may add. I guess that’s where hope and prayers come in. 🙂





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