1 12 2009

I JUST REPLIED today to an email from President Barack Obama of the United States, which was sent to me on November 26, 2009… (apparently cyberspace Intel agents are having a field day blocking my ‘threatening & terroristic’ email to the American Commander-in-Chief, eh! 😉 Hehehhe :D)

Anyways, I’ll simply post my email reply to the US President in my humble blog here as an Open Letter of sorts:

“Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 13:05:53 +0800
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving

Dear Mr President Barack Obama,

My most sincere apologies for not replying to your couple of kind emails to this nobody, yours truly, previously.

CONGRATULATIONS Mr President on your gutsy and passionate speech today in front of young American Army Cadets in the Eisenhower Theatre in West Point, New York! As always your latest speech is most inspiring and comparable to any of the best, classic and historical speeches as those given by former US President John F. Kennedy or even the late British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during the 2nd World War, for that matter.

Belated congratulations, also, on your being awarded this year’s most prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Like me and millions more ordinary peace-loving people of the world, I know peace and security (more than anything) are top and foremost in your day-to-day critical decision-making duties and responsibilities as the Chief Executive of USA Inc. and it is no mean feat, indeed. But unlike me, being the US Commander-in-Chief, you have to decide on the spot for the benefits of more than 300 million great American people and their best interest is most core fundamental and closest to your heart, Mr President.

However, on your most important decision to deploy 30,000 new US troops to fight against the Taleban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan today, I must agree to disagree with you, Mr President. In my honest and humblest opinion, before even deciding to do so today, you need to first step back and contemplate deeper and further on where did the United States go wrong in the failing Iraqi War and the unnecessary Afghan War on Terror.

But that’s done and no turning back for any US President to retract back on your final decision to opt for sending more American soldiers to Afghanistan, Mr President.

Here’s the deal, now, President Obama, Sir… with all due respect, if I may suggest that after your trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to join other world leaders in debating the other impending global issue of Climate Change, it would be the only next sensible thing for any American Commander-in-Chief to do to pay the more experienced former President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia a visit in Moscow. Why the urgency to see Mr Putin? I personally believe that the former Russian President is the best person in the world now to give invaluable insights on how best to move forward in tackling serious problems in Afghanistan. Having said so, I also believe that the US President of the day needs to pay a courtesy call on the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud in Riyadh to discuss stronger bilateral cooperation in coping with current common issues affecting both nations, in particular and global crises, in general.

If time permits, it is most imperative and only appropriate for the President of the United States to visit US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively, albeit how dangerous such a field trip pose, security-wise, sir. Of course, White House Secret Service agents are world-renowned for their courage and bravery in protecting and securing the safety and well-being of their President! Only by getting a firsthand look at both the ground-zero situations in those war-strife nations can any Commander-in-Chief make a much better assessment and decision for the penultimate goals of peace and security as well as economic prosperity, political stability and democracy to be achieved for the good of the human race, once and for all…

Mr President, sir, since day one you took office in the White House and long before that when you first made your Senatorial debut, I have always had high hopes and great expectations that you are the Chosen One to make the USA and the whole world a much better place to live in. I am fully confident that President Barack Obama will be remembered in history for his wisdom and deep passion for peace, love and kindness.

Yours sincerely

Barakah (pseudonym taking after your great first name, Barack)


Below was the email from the American President to me last month:
“On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 7:25 AM, President Barack Obama wrote:

Barakah —

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, Americans across the country will sit down together, count our blessings, and give thanks for our families and our loved ones.

American families reflect the diversity of this great nation. No two are exactly alike, but there is a common thread they each share.

Our families are bound together through times of joy and times of grief. They shape us, support us, instill the values that guide us as individuals, and make possible all that we achieve.

So tomorrow, I’ll be giving thanks for my family — for all the wisdom, support, and love they have brought into my life.

But tomorrow is also a day to remember those who cannot sit down to break bread with those they love.

The soldier overseas holding down a lonely post and missing his kids. The sailor who left her home to serve a higher calling. The folks who must spend tomorrow apart from their families to work a second job, so they can keep food on the table or send a child to school.

We are grateful beyond words for the service and hard work of so many Americans who make our country great through their sacrifice. And this year, we know that far too many face a daily struggle that puts the comfort and security we all deserve painfully out of reach.

So when we gather tomorrow, let us also use the occasion to renew our commitment to building a more peaceful and prosperous future that every American family can enjoy.

It seems like a lifetime ago that a crowd met on a frigid February morning in Springfield, Illinois to set out on an improbable course to change our nation.

In the years since, Michelle and I have been blessed with the support and friendship of the millions of Americans who have come together to form this ongoing movement for change.

You have been there through victories and setbacks. You have given of yourselves beyond measure. You have enabled all that we have accomplished — and you have had the courage to dream yet bigger dreams for what we can still achieve.

So in this season of thanks giving, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to you, and my anticipation of the brighter future we are creating together.

With warmest wishes for a happy holiday season from my family to yours,

President Barack Obama

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee — 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.





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