“Definitely, Maybe” — YES! “New Moon” — no…

6 12 2009

I HONESTLY don’t know what’s the rave all about this year’s topnotch box-office movie, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I quietly watched it this evening but left the Empire cineplex during the final part towards the end.

Probably its stars appeal lit up the ‘Vampires vs Werewolves’ sparks, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. And all three heart-throbs succeeded in pulling the mostly young global movie-goers to spend a record 480 million-plus dollars over the last fortnight.

Perhaps, my teenage son connected well with this over-the-moon and overly-hyped movie sequel of last year’s equally-successful Twilight. I haven’t asked him about his review, though, after his five-day trip to Manila (where he watched New Moon with his Filipino cousins) the day before yesterday. He has read all the Twilight book versions so he should be able to digest the plots and story-lines much better (just as he’s read all the Harry Porter book series back-to-back).

Fortunately, my young daughter isn’t really into this Twilight thing because I’d have to close her eyes every time lips-locking scenes started one too many throughout the movie. 😛

This morning while I was still home, I squeezed in some free time watching a slightly-damaged DVD of the 2008 romantic-comedy, “Definitely, Maybe” (directed by American writer, Adam Brooks). Now, that was more my cup of tea! 😉 I could relate to this movie better… 🙂

It does strike me each time I go and see a new movie to come up with an overly-ambitious idea of producing or directing a truly Made-in-Brunei movie, complete with local Bruneian casts and shot on-location in the Abode of Peace! 😀 That’ll be the day, my friends… 😛 But seriously somebody must take up the challenge to develop the movie industry in this country because lots of highly-talented young Bruneians are out there hungry for exposure and opportunities to shine! 😉

P.S. This year alone, the Hollywood movie industry raked in USD10 billion in gross profits (WOW!)





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