Oprah Winfrey does have both gifts of the Gab and the Heart…

7 12 2009

THE ICON OF GLOBAL Talk Shows, American Oprah Winfrey, recently announced that she’s making an early retirement from her highly-successful TV career. The much-acclaimed Oprah Winfrey Show will end its run next year after enjoying a worldwide following for 25 long years! 😦

I happened to watch her show around lunch today, in which the amazing award-winning Country Singer, Taylor Swift, was featured as her main guest, together with a couple of child prodigies. I think this particular show was amongst the best that Oprah’s company, Harpo’s Productions, has ever aired for the whole world to see.

What made Oprah Winfrey Show so uniquely special is her knack for getting the best out of people — a real people-person of the highest degree. I’ve heard of 19-year-old talented singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift but I wouldn’t have known about her innocently sweet personality and pure-hearted kindness if I hadn’t watched all her achievements as seen through Oprah’s eyes.

In the same program, Oprah also had flown in all the way from Wales, Britain’s answer to the late Michael Jackson in Shaheen Jafargholi, whose singing talent was discovered and encouraged by Simon Cowell in this year’s X-Factor reality TV competition that also produced new singing sensation, Susan Boyle. And Oprah managed to dig up more on 12-year-old Shaheen for the whole world to cry to tears seeing through the show his special attributes and extraordinarily powerful voice. Bravo Oprah! 🙂





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