Contemplating “Hijrah” to UK or USA…

17 12 2009

STILL DECIDING WHETHER to take up a job offer in the United Kingdom pretty soon. But I’d rather go for the ‘American Dream’ if I’d been years younger! 😀 Given a choice between California or New York — it’d have to be the ‘Big Apple’! 😉 NY?

I’ve been to New York once and twice to Los Angeles but the former felt much more homey than LA.. Listening to Alicia Keys’ beautiful chorus in Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” makes me wanna go to New York City again:

I think I need to get hold of Alicia Keys’ latest album, “Elements of Freedom” which included this great track:

But here’s the thing about long-haul flights — anything can happen! 😦 Once on a trip to Toronto, Canada, I had one of the worst nightmares any traveller ever experienced… It was almost Christmas time two decades ago when I took an MAS flight to Subang Airport then in Malaysia to catch a connecting flight to Heathrow, London aboard guess what?!

Yup, B(ad)A(airline) aka British Airways, of all flights! And the BA plane which I was booked on had an engine problem after its arrival in Kuala Lumpur. They had to take off the damaged engine and fly it out to Singapore for repair which caused a delay of four bloody long hours! The BA flight was supposed to depart for Heathrow at 2200hrs but instead only took off at two in the morning.

Once in Heathrow on transit to connect to another BA flight bound for Toronto, I specifically instructed the BA Ground staff to make sure that my baggage was safely transferred aboard the different airplane. Nope, I guessed they messed it up somewhere, somehow, because upon arrival in Canada, my baggage was nowhere to be found. Imagine it was cold wintry weather and all my thick clothings were in that baggage.

Okay, I thought — no big deal — let the BA people sort out their mess. I’ll just try to claim for some sort of compensation from American Express office in Toronto since I charged my flight tickets all the way using my Amex card then. However, little did I know that it was X’mas Eve the next day and business closed for a few days in Canada during the season to be merry!

I certainly wasn’t in a merry mood for about a week that Christmas — I got my baggage seven days later after it travelled accidentally to Detroit! And British Airways had to spoil my holiday mood then JUST AS BA are now spoiling the jolly good mood of travellers booked on their flights around this time 20 years on!

Yeah, right, the High Court Lady Judge in London had ruled “No Way, Jose!” for UNITE (BA Workers Union) to go ahead with their planned 12-day strike in the UK recently… But not for me I’ll never fly British Airways ever! I’ve sworn since 1989 that never will I board any BA flight no more! 🙂 Down with B(ad) A(irline) management… 😦





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