21 12 2009

SOMETIMES I WONDER (whenever I hear people express, shout out loud, scream or “Oh my god!” simply pop out of their mouths) if human beings know who and what is GOD? I mean this significant expression has gotta be one of the most uttered phrases ever recorded in this world…

To say it out automatically is one thing but when one says the word ‘god’, does he or she know what he/she means by ‘GOD’?! I mean being a Muslim, I know for a factual truth that God is The One and Only ALLAH (Subhannahu Wataala) and nothing but Allah (Azza Wajalla). PERIOD!

Let’s review a couple of footages of the 9/11 tragedy, say for instance:

What am I getting at? I dunno… Only GOD (ALLAH) knows the best! [Wallahu ‘Alam Bissawab]

Funny thing about it all is that 9/11 had to ‘provocatively’ be made the sole reason (or to put it more bluntly LAME EXCUSE!) to create much worse havoc and “It’s the economy, STUPID!” wars on Planet Earth by the US of A! OH MY GOD! Astaghfirullahul Azhiim…<

p.s. I remember pretty well on that fateful day (September 11, 2001) of the two plane attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers, I was watching a Live telecast on CNN with my two young kids then and I simply said “SUBHANALLAH” (literally in English means God is the Most Pure or the Purest Almighty)…





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