I make a difference…

31 12 2009

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. How I want to change is irrelevant. The point is I have to change for the better. I can only change the world when I have made changes to my own life. Without change, my world is static.

Yeah, words are so damn easy to write. To put words into action is a different thing altogether. The thing is life offers us no other choice but to change from being the worst to worse to bad to good to better to ultimately become the best. Being the BEST in this context could only mean in both form and substance, both spiritually and worldly. Vague words, still?

Okay, let’s try to be more specific by saying I MAKE A DIFFERENCE… I can, I will and I shall make a difference! 😉 I’m not merely talking about New Year resolutions but I’m referring more to the harsh realities of life… that without trying our best to change, we’ll get nowhere. As a wise saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there…” Much wiser words of wisdom: “God will not change the people unless the people make the effort to change themselves”.

So where does that leave me? It’s up to me and me alone to figure it all out to make that change! 😦

Change for the sake of change is also meaningless without any sense of purpose at all in making the change. Therefore, not only do I need to change but I need to have goals in life, too. Short term or long term doesn’t really matter as long as such goals are do-able and achievable but not impossible. Everything in life is possible once we put our hearts and minds into it totally — 100 percent. 🙂

In whatever we do, we simply have to think positive about the five W’s i.e. what, where, when, why and who (and how to go about it all). This is pretty basic stuff which we could fully utilize to our advantage.

As soon as you set your mind to doing something and you just have to focus on accomplishing the mission, you can do it, trust me. And in so doing, in God we must trust, too. This firm belief in the Most Powerful is the key to successfully achieving what you have initially set your mind to doing, in the first place. Why so?

For as long as you have good sincere intention deep within your heart, the Lord Almighty will put everything in place (almost to the point of perfection) to see to it that you will get whatever you want to get done in no time at all. The sheer satisfaction of getting things coming together like an orchestra at play can really overwhelm you! It amazes you no end how God works in mysterious ways, or so they say… 😉

However, one must know what it is that we really want out of life. In order to gain such knowledge, we have to look at the big picture. We ought to have a helicopter view of things. Always weigh the pros and cons of to do or not to do — that is the question to ask, rightly or wrongly. We never jump to conclusions, for one thing, and we can’t be too presumptious, for another. Look who’s talking, eh? Hehehhe 😀

Year in, year out — we keep saying how time flies! 😛 Yet, more often than not, we seem to fail to see our own reflections in the mirror. It’s as if we’re in a state of denial that we’re not getting any younger. Looks aside, what about the fact that we haven’t even helped a single needy soul on earth… what more mankind as a whole. We can’t even help ourselves, for God’s sake! Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?

How do we even start to help ourselves, you might ask? Well, how about starting to pray to the Almighty, to start with (if we haven’t done so already, that is). The magic of prayers is simply indescribable, I tell you.

What I’m really getting at is just to remind myself on the relevance of prayers as a life-long endeavour. To pray in every waking hour should be the main priority, prerogative and major obligation of all individuals. Please don’t get me wrong… I’m not preaching but only reminding myself on how vitally important it is for me as a mortal human being to pray to my Creator, the Lord of the Universe.


P.S. On a much more different perspective of life, coming from a diva, I’d like to share American singer/songwriter/composer Alicia Keys’ personal points of view under the heading, “Let’s Raise a Glass!”:

Let’s Raise a Glass!
12.30.2009 (December 30th, 2009)

The usual image most of us have when we envision the beginning of a New Year is a festive occasion with friends and family raising their glasses, making a toast to a healthy and prosperous future. I too have raised a glass to welcome a new year, but when doing it, I’m reminded of that half full, half empty proverb. This New Year, I want to start with a totally empty glass that waits to be filled with all of the experiences and adventures life will pour into it. Now some of you may think that this vision I have is kind of impossible, However, what you might not see or notice is the reality of how each of our “glasses” are continuously emptied and replenished with the precious liquid of life and all that it contains. So, we are all blessed to continuously refill the glass. As most of you already know, I’m not very good at waiting around, expecting a large pitcher of water to just appear and begin pouring “life goodies” into my glass. I’m very driven so I’m the kind that finds the Well, throws the bucket down, pulls it back up and pour. I know that requires more work and effort but when you anticipate the kind of year that I see ahead, not only will that sixteen ounce glass not do the job, but I’m gonna need a bigger bucket as well. LOL 😉

For 2010, I intend to refill my glass with an eagerly anticipated journey to South Africa, a long awaited Summer Rhythm Stride of discovering new, exciting and perhaps hidden, quiet places where some of the best “life surprises” can occur. I’ll make the time to enjoy my friends, family, loved ones and experience the possibilities of making new, long lasting friendships. I make this analogy simply to point out the potential we all have to fill our own glasses if we work hard enough and continue to seek the largest glass to fill our hopes and dreams. Once those glasses are filled, not only will we enjoy the drink, but we can share all of the blessings that overflow from our efforts to make the year ahead the best tasting year ever.

Happy New Year! Make this year the best one yet! Nothing’s impossible!

With love,





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