I resolve to blog daily?

31 12 2009

TO BLOG DAILY would be the worst of new year resolutions I could come up with now. But you never know that it would turn out to be a great one, instead. It is also next to impossible but let’s have a go, shall we? 😉

Right, at the stroke of midnight on 01/01/’10 the whole world (depending on time zones on Planet Earth) celebrated merrily and millions of dollars got burned up in smoky but colorful myriads of fireworks! 🙂

I simply wished my two teen-aged kids Happy New Year time and time again if only to annoy them and to hug them many times over. By 1.00 AM, I was already in ‘slumberland’ dreaming nothing but giving out snores, maybe. I slept like a log for a good four hours or so. I couldn’t be bothered to wait up for the Lunar Eclipse which could only be visible in other parts of the world, anyways. By 5.00 AM, an early bird catches the worm… LOL 😀

In all honesty, there was a glorious New Year’s Day morning sun but where I woke up, the water supply dried up earlier this morning! 😦 It was kind of a pretty bad start to the year 2010. I went to the Masjid (mosque) for prayers and I dropped my new handphone in the washroom which got soaked in water, rendering it useless. Even the SIM card doesn’t seem to be working in my old cellphone set that I’m using now! Guess, I’d be incommunicado for the coming days into the new year… that’s the lows.

At least one high was when I met up with old friends and new ones from a neighbouring country this afternoon. It somewhat rekindled the old spirit of camaraderie and renewed the fighting spirit of eternal struggle for peace or the Arabic word for it “As-SALAM”. So that one upside made up for all the downsides of my New Year’s Day and it made me all the happier, still.

Learning point of the day for me whatever unexpected things which happened just had to happen for reasons beyond our grasp.

For example, no water — should we blame it on the Water section of the Public Works Department or JKR? Partly, maybe…

Damaged handphone — my carelessness wholly to blame, maybe…

These couple of examples are merely small tests on my Faith in the ‘systemic divinity’ (Almighty). Good thing I always believe that there’s got to be blessings in disguise. Personally, I suppose 2010 is the dawn of a new era of peace, love and kindness. Have a great new year! 🙂





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