“Redha” is such a powerful word!

2 01 2010

ALHAMDULLILLAH (ALL PRAISES and thanks be to Allah)… my SIM card does still work since it’s waterproof. So my cellular phone is on and maybe, just maybe, my conked new mobile phone which ‘drowned’ yesterday could be revived by CPR after all (ROFL). πŸ˜€

The trick is not to panic when unfortunate things befall us. We simply accept it not merely as a fact of life but rather as God’s test on us and just to be patient about what happened or what hit us. Deep within our hearts of hearts, all we have to do is “Redha” (Malay word for leaving it to God’s will or something like that). From menial matters to big huge problems in life, everything is fated to be. It’s all part of destiny.

The next best thing to do when beset with all kinds of situations is to calm down and use our God-given brain to think rationally. Again I’m reminding myself by writing all these pretty basic stuff in my blog. It’s one of those golden rules of thumb that I always bore my kids to death with: “You read and you forget; you write and you remember; you do and you understand…” (boring old adage, I know LOL). So I’m writing all these to remind myself, really. πŸ˜›

So some lucky ‘night owls’ did get to see the partial lunar eclipse over cloudy Brunei skies at dawn on New Year’s Day, eh. Photo below was borrowed from a Filipina Facebook (I can safely assume it was taken in the Philippines on 01/01/2010):

Apol Legario's Blue Moon

Nothing much to blog about on the second day of the new year. Oh, by the way, please don’t get fooled by the date on my posts. Actually, when I registered for this weblog, I mistakenly selected the wrong time zone in the US so that explains why it’s always postdated one day later than Brunei time (LOL). πŸ˜€ Can’t be bothered to change it now…

What caught my interest today was watching Larry King Live on CNN — the key celebrities who starred in the latest Golden Globe nominated-flick, “Nine” were featured together with the movie-director, Rob Marshall. The full top cast are big WOW factors in the likes of Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Dame Judy Dench, Kate Hudson, Sophia Loren and last but not least, Stacy Ferguson or better known as Fergie of the popular group, the Black Eyed Peas. I hate to say this but “Nine” could outvote my fave movie of 2009, “Avatar” to clinch the Golden Globe award as the winner in one category too many…?!

Just by watching the CNN interview and the “Nine” trailer, I personally think that this musical is such a dark genre publicizing the immorality of a famous Italian film director. Sexy movie, no doubt! And a great cast, definitely, with nominations for Best Actor; Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively at the upcoming Golden Globe awards ceremony on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills. BUT too blase for the wider audience to enjoy this “Nine” thingy especially younger movie-goers! 😦

But then again that’s what Hollywood is all about — promoting lewd cultures for the whole world to emulate, including innocent young minds. I remember watching “Twilight Saga – the New Moon” in a movie house recently and a young couple brought along their young toddlers and a baby to watch it, too. That’s another dark type of movie with a cult-following I didn’t really favor because to me, its novel writer is a ‘frustrated’ Mormon wife in real life who fantasizes about seductive love that’s forbidden (I’m entitled to my own opinion, thank God). But the younger generation just fell for its dark appeal with good-looking cast to boot! Call it great marketing gimmicks and it works, too… πŸ˜‰

So much for movies and back to reality about tensions still continuing into this new year 2010, with what’s happening in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.






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