Let’s focus!

6 01 2010

HOW TO FOCUS? Beats me… 😦 I’m not such a focused person, that much I know. Deep inside, I know I am a pretty determined guy. But determination on its own merit is a no-brainer! 😀

You’ve got to have strong determination or will-power AND you must stay focused in order to achieve your set targets or goals and to accomplish your mission in life. Easier said than done… I know. 😦

Fret not, my conscience. There’s always a way where there’s a will.

The best way to learn how to focus for a Muslim like yours truly is to continuously strive to do consistently what you set out to do or the Arabic word for it is “ISTIQAMAH“. The best practice as far as consistency (or Istiqamah) goes is to stick to the obligatory Five Times a day prayer on time and within prayer congregation (Solat Berjemaah) in the House of Allah (Masjid or mosque).

Again, this consistent issue can be a contentious one given that we live in a materialistic and rat-race world. Spiritual obligations always get overshadowed and blinded by worldly activities on a day-to-day basis. Most of us, sad to say, are deaf even to the Call to Prayer or Azan. So unless and until I personally make a much more serious effort and commitment to perform the daily prayers as per obligated by the true teachings of Islam, then no way I can ever inculcate the habitual ‘FOCUS’ style of doing things, be it routine or otherwise.

Frankly speaking, I have no excuse whatsoever not to consistently keep to the Prayer times which are every Muslim’s obligation not unless I am too sick, too frail or too ill to pray. Another exception is if there are circumstances/events or natural calamities and life threatening situations which could affect me in performing my prayers.

Whatever it is, the fact remains that to perform one’s prayers is the pillar of the Islamic religion (Solat atau sembahyang itu tiang agama). In all sincerity, I have no choice but to Just Do It!





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