Miri Resort City does live up to its name…

7 01 2010

MIRI IS MY kind of town! 😛 Everything seems convenient and easy-going… simply relaxing. 🙂

Yesterday, my Principal almost missed his MAS flight back to Kuala Lumpur which departed Miri airport at 1815 hours. Due to his tight meetings in Bandar Seri Begawan, we only left Jerudong around 3.45 pm and it was 140 to 160 kph flat out all the way to Miri. Unfortunately or fortunately, it was my Lone Ranger ride and not the Odyssey ride which could go 240 tops! 😉 Still, managed to reach Miri airport at 5.45 pm, just in time… well, actually, he’d have missed the flight if not for some quick calls to some influential connections! 🙂

After the harrowing drive across the “7th River”, I sure needed a good break to stretch my legs on the Tanjong Lobang beach, sipping young coconut juice and some nice ‘Satay’ bites while enjoying the sunset (although not that glorious yesterday at dusk).

Now I’m back in Miri again for some shopping which I forgot to do yesterday. But I’m enjoying every minute of my frequent trips to this oil town of Sarawak in East Malaysia. I may be driving down to Kota Kinabalu (KK) again next week, too. KK is my mother’s hometown so it’s almost like second home to me — another of my favorite haunt in the Borneo neighbourhood. Bruneians like me, shouldn’t go in and out to neighbouring Malaysian cities according to our whims and fancies, spending hard-earned dollars in Malaysia. But believe it or not, going to these places somehow has some sort of calming effects on the mind, at least that’s my personal take on it. Especially the newly-operated Musical Fountain fronting the newly-renovated and extended Bintang Plaza in the heart of Miri city — it’s ‘aesthetic’ shopping at its best. The Mall in Gadong pales in comparison now, I think.

Besides I only spend minimally on my trips. With the current exchange rate BND1 = RM2.4, who can blame Bruneians to flock in bus loads and in vehicle convoys — in droves across both the Kuala Lurah and Sungai Tujuh borders respectively and over the South China Sea to the Malaysian Federal Territory Island-Duty Free of Labuan?

I don’t know… something big and drastic needs to be done about tourist attractions in Brunei Darussalam. While having my break in an open food court on the Miri beach yesterday, I couldn’t help noticing how a couple of long walk-bridges jutting out to the sea made a lot of difference to such a simple beach which is way out of the ‘Ivy League’ of beautiful sandy beaches like Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand and Boracay in the Philippines. But this unattractive beach is still likable due to the creative infrastructural ambience.

And why can’t creative Bruneians come up with innovative ideas to add more value-added things which matter to places of interest in Brunei — say, for example build a Boardwalk or something on Bruneian beachfronts, etcetera. 😦

P.S. This classic 60’s hit song reminds me of my one-time visit to Atlantic City in New Jersey where the actual Boardwalk is located…





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