Dedicated to all Haitian earthquake victims…

15 01 2010


Calamities of Mother Nature
Calls for action, Muslim bro
Can’t just sit still, arms akimbo
Could’ve done something now!

But no, all Muslim brotherhood
Being blessed with life’s luxuries
Blood, sweat and tears of others
Being faced with death, he cares?

The least I could do, Muslim bro
To go where help is really needed
To soothe, counsel and show the way
The Righteous Path is best way to go

My purpose in life is nothing else
Much matters on who I’ve guided
Muslims must be obliged to go out
Make peace and reach out to all

The light at the end of darkest tunnel
The glimmering hope of Faith in life
The lost and despondent souls in misery
The Muslim Brotherhood should carry

Alas, no, not a Muslim warrior in sight!
After reading out loud the Holy Book
After God has bestowed glads and tidings
Any Muslim brother is obliged to teach!

Millions of souls in this globalized world
May have lived in darkness all along
Might count on a Muslim Warrior’s words
Many have transgressed and repentance sought!

Where are the brave, bold Muslim warriors?
Why quiet on the Islamic Front to Jihad?
What is the meaning of “Fi Sabillillah“?
Who is the real Warrior? Please stand up!





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