Love thy neighbour

17 01 2010

LITTLE WONDER THE Holy Qur’an made special mention of the importance of good neighborliness. Even in other holy books e.g. the Bible also taught Christians to “Love Thy Neighbor” and I think the Torah would teach the same thing although I am at a loss as to why Israel is so mean and cruel to its neighbor, the Palestine! 😦

I consider myself lucky to have neighbors (front, back, left, right) who aren’t as bad as Israel… 😉 My cousin wasn’t so lucky, though. He and his wife had been granted a housing scheme land many years ago but until now they’re reluctant to build their dream home yet. Not because they don’t have the cash or anything but their neighbor just had the nerves to drive them crazy. It’s bad enough that their neighbor had encroached their ‘territorial demarcation line’ when the unfriendly neighbor first built their home. The inconsiderate neighbor even had the cheek to dump their rubbish when my cousin cleared his portion of the ‘Government-given’ land by throwing bricks and stones in front of him. Some people are that heartless! 😦

Last New Year’s Day, my front neighbor’s son got married and I readily let them make use of my house compound to set up wedding tents during their happiest moments. There’s this Malay expression: “Hari ini hari biskita, esok lusa mana tau hari kami lagi..” (meaning to say in English, “Today may be your day, tomorrow or some other days could be our turn…”). The Islamic religion even places greater relevance for a Muslim neighbor to attend whatever function at his neighbor’s home rather than a closest relative’s function which is further away if it so happens both separate events are held at the same time or on the same day. In short, a neighbor is much more important than my own next-of-kin, I think. 🙂

When the Tsunami hit Aceh in Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam — as a close and good ASEAN neighboring nation — through the kind wisdom of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Negara Brunei Darussalam rushed to its aid with full cooperation and generosity. His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah was one of the few leaders of any country to have personally visited the devastated Indonesian province to see for himself the extent of damages caused by the powerful Tsunami in 2006. Such a charismatic and caring Monarch! Such is Islamic beauty to have placed top priority to helping a neighbour in need… 🙂

So the United States has proven to be the best neighboring country toward the island-nation of Haiti which is being devastated by a powerful earthquake now by sending US troops as well as medical and food supplies to the quake-torn nation in the Carribean. God bless America! 😉





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