Age is just a number?

18 01 2010

ENTER THE NEW decade of 2010. Little do I realize that I’ll live to see five decades of this temporary world in a matter of few more years, Insya Allah (God Willing). Unbelievable but true fact of ageing! 😉

Last Sunday, I treated my 15-year-old boy to the ‘Avatar’ movie at the Empire cineplex. He’d been too busy with schoolwork, tuition and social activities during the first couple of weeks into this new year to watch it earlier. My 11-year-old girl wasn’t too keen on James Cameron’s epic sci-fi drama and would rather watch Alvin and the Chipmunks ‘illicit’ DVD in the comfort of her home theater! 🙂

So off I drove my son to ‘Pandora land of the Na’vi’. Since I watched Avatar at the end of last year in Q-lap cineplex, I told my ‘teenager BFF’ (I just figured out that BFF is short for Best Friend Forever! LOL) 😀 that I’d skip the Golden Globe award-winning movie and bought a ticket to “Old Dogs” instead, starring John Travolta and Robin Williams.

The once debonair and sleek hunk of Saturday Night Fever fame Travolta and funny guy Williams got this old (but young at heart) Lone Ranger in jeans and all-blue T-shirt and baseball cap into fits of laughter. The mismatched comedy pairing of John Travolta and Robin Williams wasn’t as hilariously-crazy as newly-crowned Hollywood funnymen of “Hangovers” (I can’t remember their names, though).

Funnily enough, “Old Dogs” the movie got me thinking, somewhat. There they are — two filthy rich and famous actors — driving home the point that 50-somethings buddies still live in a state of denial that they’re not getting any older! And it hit me right smack in my thick-skull head, too. I mean, hey! I’ll be like them in no time at all but I still wanna dress up like a ‘thirty-something guy’ or even a 20-year-old, if not younger! 😛

To cut my long story short, “Old Dogs” was 90 minutes of my lifetime that I’ll never ever get back again — but it’s worth my seven dollars plus caramel-flavored popcorn and a bottle of ‘Heaven Earth’ tea (for longevity?)… 😉

While waiting outside for my son to finish his 3-hour long Avatar, I bumped into an old peer schoolmate of mine (who didn’t look her age, by the way) with her kids. She’s an avid golfer and a wealthy businesswoman in her own right plus she’s married to a rich contractor friend of mine. So that explains how she could always spend on her ‘youthful rejuvenation‘ always. 😉

Not long after, as soon as I finished praying “Maghrib” in the cineplex “Surau” (prayer room), another old friend (a former superior at work) appeared out of the blue. I believe this ex-boss of mine is now of retirement age but his long unkempt (rocker-style) hair belied his true age… 😉

My point is how prim and proper should we all age? It got me thinking seriously on the need for me to go for a complete ‘makeover‘! LOL 😀

Here’s what I should do (I thought there and then):

1. Start to grow an all-white beard ala Bollywood oldie Amitabh Bachhan (but mine would’ve to be longer by a fistful of it).
2. Start to wear an all-Muslim attire ala Al-Qaeda legend Osama bin Laden (minus the terrorist label).
3. Stop escaping into fantasy land of the Hollywood/Bollywood movies! LOL 😀

It’s a tall order but I gotta start somewhere, sometime, somehow… 🙂





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