CRAPPY International Living Magazine – BULLS***!

11 02 2010

IRANIAN PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD was spot on today when he lambasted western double standards and biased attitude toward developing nations. I must congratulate Iran for its gutsy policy move to become a new “Nuclear Power’ nation, by the way.

One typical example of western arrogance is when one of its popular press called International Living Magazine (what a crap!) recently ranked France and followed by Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Luxembourg, United States, Belgium, Canada and Italy as top 10 in best quality of life index… by whose standards?!



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10 04 2010
Michael Nisbet

I agree with you! I signed up for a two year subscription to International Living and the user name and password they sent me does not work at all- I cannot access any of my members privileges and their so- called customer service department just ignores all my emails and phone calls. They are liars and thieves and I will never recommend them to anyone. Beware- they are scammers and ripoffs!

11 04 2010

You know what, Mr Michael Nisbet, CNN — of all the world’s credible and top-notch news organizations — subscribed to that magazine’s (weak) findings! 😦 Well, some governments have also been duped by certain so-called ‘analytical’ magazine or research-based Advertising publications to pay them thousands of dollars but at the end of the day any high-school students could’ve done what end-product they came up with… what a smooth scam and ‘national-coffers’ rip-off! 😉

30 04 2011

i bet cnn dont ever even check out what half the stuff they say is good,,someone said and another said and it must be…they new researchers

30 04 2011

excuse me i meant they need researchers

14 10 2010
Lee Swann

I agree that International Living magazine is nothing but a rag to scam people out of their money. I keep sending them emails asking them to tell the truth about Costa Rica. I lived there for 3 1/2 years and in Panama for 2 years. Costa Rica is dirty, trash filled streets full of pot holes. They will rob you in broad daylight. I worked for the English language newspaper, The Tico Times”. Then I moved to David, Panama and opened an English Language School. But, Costa Rica is not the Switzerland of Latin America that International Living magazine. makes it out to be.

30 03 2011
pat g

Hi Lee,
Are you still living in David Panama? I have friend from Idaho that lives near David and loves it there. He is teaching organic farming to the locals. Just curious how you like or liked David?
Thank You!
Pat G

30 04 2011

I don’t know David but I know I signed up for their newsletter but the kicker is… I don’t get emails to please sign up, I get all kinds of advertisments to go to travel distanations. When I click on the link to unsubscribe, it is a dead link! You can unsubscribe. When you go on their website, you can’t find an email muchless an unsubscribe button. They are making money off of advertisements and I say it is time for a lawsuit aganist them. These unsubscribe links should not be daed and of all the many, many, many they send me, all of them are dead. This is invation of my privacy and unlawful to make links dead in unsubscribe!

21 10 2010
Rico Suave

International Living should be called International Liars. I signed up for their Publishers Roundtable service but it was a big disappointment. Most of the promises they made were not kept. Once they have your money, they couldn’t care a rat’s ass about customer service. They have a terrible employee turnover. They closed their office in Panama. Many people (not me) signed up for their Panama Roundtable service and got left holding a $5000 bag when it folded. They are just international thieves. Every country is a wonderful paradise according to them. When you get there, you learn the truth. Save your money and research the country for yourself. You don’t need International Liars to do it for you unless you just want rose colored white washed lies.

27 11 2010

Thank you to all of you! Need a place to put this place/past behind, enough scams here that ruined my life. Thanks for your warnings – so sorry you got cheated. I know how that feels- that’s why I want to get out of here ASAP. Hope you got $ back.

10 01 2011

Shotgun carrying doormen? Warnings that you SHOULD NOT even walk out of your hotel after dark- from a 5 star hotel- Meeting people that will sell realestate at most any price?- not according to International living- this is the experiance we have had in several of the places that IL rank as THE BEST PLACES to live- crazy- thank goodness for due diligence— soon to be unsusbcribed to IL and several other Agora publications-

p.s.- where does bill bonner live? guess? good ole usa

30 04 2011

unsubscribe? good luck

9 03 2011

Yes, even the free e-mail postcards are mostly teases and threats.
You get teased with “secret opportunities revealed!” + though little to no hard information is ever shared.
When you open the e-mail you get “buy what we are selling NOW or you will lose out FOREVER”
They don’t treat subscribers as adults – they treat them as “marks” to get lured away and then shaken down.

13 03 2011
R. Jones

I like the magazine, but buyer beware!

I bought a “lifetime subscription” to International Living (IL) about 15 years ago, and always enjoyed receiving the magazine. 5 years ago IL send me a statement for the first time that I now needed to pay an annual maintenace fee if I wanted to continue receiving the magazine. Every year I would write that I paid the lifetime fee and never was told that an annual maintenace fee would be required and I continued to receive the magazine. Well, this year they finally stopped sending me the magazine, despite having paid the up from lifetime membership fee.
I am very disappointed with IL and feel they have cheated me. So, before subscribing please realize who you are doing business with.

30 03 2011
pat g

Are there ANY good “honest” publications one can subscribe to and learn the Good the Bad & the Ugly on International Living opportunities?

30 04 2011

your guess is as good as mine…i am going to college soon,,lol ignore the punctuation… anyways, i applied for scholarships online and wrote essays also…i made the mistake of doing this and giving my email address…so now i got spam coming at me from IL and scholarships who were both suppose to be real…the thing is… is that IL sends them each time with a new email address, so it doesnt do me any good to send it to spam folder because a new email address comes to my reg. email and low and behold IL link is at the bottom with a dead link of unsubscribe
.but get dont say international living sent it…it says it was sent by

Main Street #234
Bocasdel-Toro, Republicof Panama
…put the address in the search and see what you come up with when you search it out….it all comes back to IL…its a scam and so glad i just ask for the newsletter and so sorry you paid them money… the people who did…i think i might change my account at the bank if it were me if they have your account info…if they do this…who knows what they will charge you without you knowing…i would watch my account close but me personally i would close that bank account and get a new one
I got to reading international livings policy on hiring someone on their it i cant go into detail but it say moreless ..who works for them is on there own…but i think its a coverup so they can say i didnt do it someone else did…time for a law suit!
I see the box that says describe to this site below…with the problems i have had no thank you
whats sad about it all …… people are going to be scared of sites to give anything to websites because of sites like i talked about…if this isnt stoped will grow…next …i will stop all using of intranet because of this and alot of other people…laws need to be formed, high fines and prison. then people when think twice about this!

18 04 2011
Don Dutchak

I have just recently finished a two year subscription to IL and I have to say that they leave you with the impression that if you don’t get in on the deal of the month you are really missing out on an eternity of low cost freedom 52, and as each deal comes and goes they are always pushing the round tables. My thoughts are that I’d be better off buying my own round table and taking advantage of my local public library. The deals they’ve offered in IL for condo;s in Ecuador for example, $45,000.00 U.S. and the lap of luzury but once you arrive you soon find out they are the lap of luxury of Ecuador, ceiling tiles and wires running over top to the lights. I gotta tell you that is not the lap of luxury in Canada, and I’m begining to think that all the deals have come and gone before they are offered to the gullable subscribers, pic’s of groups shown on site seening tours, most of them well into retirement, those who II should think would be more concerned about the safety of some of these offering’s , which do show up on occasion but be sure to have a magnifying glass to read the local warning,. I would like to think that there are all of these wonderful retirement opportunities offered up for $694.00 a month US, and who wouldn’t like to dream of banking 3 to $4000 a month on a blissfull retirement in all sorts of IL opportunities, however I keep coming back to the old saying, if it sounds to good to be true well…… be the judge…………………………. don d.
(still looking for that perfect retirement retreat and still dreaming, one day maybe, who knows??)

19 04 2011

Dear Mr Don D, please do look up on the Abode of Peace in the tropical tranquility on Borneo Island! A small country called Brunei Darussalam. No wonderful retirement opportunities, maybe, but still a great laid-back place for retirees to enjoy their vacation or holidays in the sun (b.y.o. drink, though). 🙂

18 04 2011
Don Dutchak

Please no last name on my post please

30 04 2011

don when you post..before the the box…just change the name …see i was sherry..then i am ziggy

19 04 2011

Don D, my sincere apologies. I can’t figure out how to omit your last name since it’s auto-formatted. So no can do, so sorry, sir! 😦

17 06 2011

I’m reading a lot of comments by people about IL mag, “it’s a scam”, “the mag is crap”, etc. etc. It’s just a magazine, all magazines are trying to sell you something. I have a subscription to IL. I use it as a resource to get ideas on places to vacation or possible live when I’m of retirement age. When I get an idea from IL magazine, I then do FURTHER research online or at the library. I guess that’s my New York presence, as one professor once said I have, I don’t trust any company 100%. I dig a little deeper before I commit to anything.

At the very least if all I get out to the mag are great ideas for vacation spots I would never have thought of then I’m OK with that. And at the end of my subscription to the mag, if I find that I’ve gotten all that I can out of it then I’ll end my subscription. Scam averted.

19 06 2011

Dear Liza, well said, Miss New Yorker! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more with your due diligence, girl. However, as socially responsible and politically-correct global publication like IL, etc. it is only highly professional on their journalistic or editorial part to do their homework with much more credibility… 😉 Sometimes scams are even committed by world-renowned publications simply for their own bottomlines advantages i.e. $$$$$$$ overrides all facts or even lies for that matter. Well, Liza, you should know better how Wall Street big-wigs scammed their investors’ billions! 😛

21 08 2011

Have anyone attended one of their conferences? Aside from the fact they are trying to sell you their services did you receive any value from the sessions. Did they help lead you to information you would need to purchase property overseas–especially Europe? Or to identify viable/honest/ethical real estate agents in Europe. I do not care about Latin America.


8 09 2011
Floor Sander

Yikes, I was literally 2 seconds away from paying for a 2 year subscription to IL and then thought to google “International Living Scam” and found your page!

While I would obviously would do research first, and I realize that they are always trying to sell me something, I’m more concerned about them continuing to rebill my credit card after my 2 year subscription, since it sounds like you have no way to get in touch with anyone to cancel your subscription.

Anyone have them rebill for another year without your consent?

6 10 2011

If your interested to know about the cost of living in various countries you can get much free info from the Xpatulator website.

27 11 2011
Mike P.

Same here as Floor Sander. I googled “International Liv” and before I could finish the second google hit was “International Living Scam”. Whoa..

5 11 2012
chuck c

Chuck C,

I have to agree with Floor Sander and Mike P. I am glad we have the power of the internet to research companies like IL before making a purchase, decision etc. I always look up the company i am interested in before doing business,spending a nickle of my hard earned money.

I have to many hands in my pocket’s right here in the Good Old USA right now. And this is the reason I started to research living aboard. The cost of living continues to rise at an alarming rate and I don’t see it slowing down!!!!!!!!!!!

I continue to received post cards etc form IL and there’s always the mention of fees and the time to act is now before missing out. I have to agree in another posting .

if it sounds to good to be true well…… be the judge………………………….

After reading these post I guess I am back to square one with my research on living aboard? It’s sad to say but true (their is going to always be someone out there looking separate you from your money). The old saying buyer beware!!

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